Car Troubles and Nothing Much

nothing much 1

Hello world, I had planned to post something yesterday but with one thing or another didn’t get around to it, this morning I am writing this as I wait for the NRMA to arrive to look at my car. Last night Natasha borrowed the car and when she was out she started to have trouble with it some light came on, on the dash no idea what light but when she got home the brake lights would turn off and they are still on this morning. Tim went out and looked at it, he has no idea so he rang the NRMA to come and look at it and hopefully tell us what is wrong so we can have it repaired.

I still have to go and finish my shopping I may have to walk to the shops and get someone to pick me up when I am finished, yesterday Natasha drove me to Charlie to have Friday breakfasts and get a few things but didn’t do the main part of the shopping at Coles. I had hoped to do it yesterday afternoon, as I thought Tim was coming home for a couple of hours, he had a spilt shift but he didn’t come home and thus I wasn’t able to do the shopping.

Ok NRMA has been and he couldn’t fix it thought it was the brake light switch or some other switch he tried and tried but couldn’t get the lights to go out in the end he disconnected the battery as it was flat and he had to jump start it. It will need to be towed to Ford I think to be repaired but for now I am unable to drive it. Tim hopes it will be covered by warranty but we will see, on Monday when he makes some phone calls about the bloody car.

Ok it is now midday, I started writing this 4 hours ago, went and did my shopping Kathy drove me down and came back to get me when I was finished, while I was gone Tim rang the mob we bought the car from and got in touch with the mob who handle the warranty and someone came out to check the car out and guess what the brake lights are off now, he said it might be because the battery was disconnected for a while and it reset its self but we need to take it in for someone to check it our by putting it on the computer to check it out.

Also we have now had lunch I did a beef casserole last night in the slow cooker and it was nice the meat so bloody tender and I bought a apple and custard scroll thing for dessert which Jessica said was too something no idea what that something is

Now I am looking forward to the girls and their children to leave so I can sit back and do nothing in nice and quiet. I love seeing them but I also love it when they leave.

So at this moment Natasha is straightening Kathy’s hair, Kathy came over to colour Natasha’s hair which Kathy does every few weeks. I no longer bother colouring my hair I have salt and pepper hair now which is fine with me.

I have no other news so I will now post this at 12.30pm



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