About Dravuni Island


Ok our second port of call was Dravuni Island, this is a very small island at the northern end of the Kadavu Group, that means nothing to me, just saying.

Anyway the island has less then 200 local people living there, they speak Fijian and English, it is virtually surrounded by the Great Astrolabe Reef and is suppose to be a diver’s paradise. The reef was named after French explorer Dumont d’Urville’s ship “Astrolabe”, which struck the reef in the 1820’s.

Tim went over to the island which you reach via tender but there is nothing really on the island, no cars or vehicles of any type, no large stores only a few market stalls set up by the locals for the tourist dollar. In fact Tim said there was nothing to indicate that one was living in the 21st century.

I guess some would say it is one of the Pacific’s most unspoilt destinations, the government is a republic and they use Fijian dollars.


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