Returning home, although we have now been home for a while as in a couple of weeks.

with darby

This was written on Friday the 10th June as we are pulling into Sydney harbour and I was up and dressed at 6.30am and ready to leave the ship but our time to leave the ship isn’t till 8.10 am what the hell. Tim has been up most the night as he was unable to sleep and mum said she has been awake since 5am so we are all up dressed and ready to leave the ships. Both Tim and mum have been down and collected their duty free grog.

Speaking of duty free grog when Tim and I were at Port Denarau we noticed that they had for sale the same bottles of grog mum bought for Dave and Sandy but the price was a $100 more per bottle ok the Jimmy was about a $120 more but you get the idea.

My parents bought me a lovely red purse that I really do like, they said they bought it for me to say thank you for all I did for them but I don’t think I did that much. Yes I shared cocktails with mum and showed them around the ship and all but really not that much.

The trip home from Sydney to Newcastle went smoothly more or less, we did seem to drive around Sydney a lot before we found ourselves headed home, we stopped for food an hour or so after leaving the ship.

I bought Leigh a sarong she has the figure for a sarong unlike me it wouldn’t go around my body but that is ok this who I am at this stage of my life. Mum also bought a sarong for Leigh.

dad mirrorTim was pleased I didn’t spend a lot of money on gifts for people although he did seem to complain about what I did buy I told him that nothing I do seems to be enough for him. This is the last post about what we did on our holiday.

5 thoughts on “Returning home, although we have now been home for a while as in a couple of weeks.

  1. Sorry I haven’t been around in a while. The new addition to my life takes up a lot of free time, as I’m sure you understand. I hope you had a good time on holiday. Also, I am embarrassed to admit I didn’t know what a sarong was. I had an idea, but I had to Google it to make sure.

  2. Tell Tim to go with you next time so he can influence your buying Your dad is a cutie pie. Funny, how you each got up earlier than necessary. Sounds like Leigh is going to be styling (or at least comfortable and cute 🙂

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