A Break From Cruise Post With Nothing Much

4 of us Port Vila

Let’s take a break from cruise posts and talk about nothing much…………..

Ok just got home from picking up Leo and Natasha is going ape shit in the kitchen because its such a mess (not) and she can’t cook without cleaning it (she can if she wants to). I don’t need to hear it over and over again. I know my kitchen isn’t as clean as she would like, hell my house isn’t as clean as she would like but it isn’t that bad either if you ask me. I told her that I feel nothing I do is good enough and she just went on about if I cleaned it like she asked she wouldn’t be going off at me.

Kathy has just been on the phone complaining that Sydney didn’t want to go straight home from school to play UNO with her mum instead she wanted to play with her friends at the park. Then when they got home she wanted to lay UNO but by that time they only had time to play one game before she had to stop and tend to Summer. So she got upset and snapped at Sydney and of course she felt bad because she loves her girls so much and like any good mother she gets upset when she loses it with her girls.

Mum was telling me that when her and dad went to the doctors dad was asked if he is having and problems with his memory and he started to say no and mum shook her head yes so dad was given the test to see how is memory was and shock horrors he passed with flying colours. He also admitted that he often doesn’t remember things mum tells him because he doesn’t listen he tunes out as he isn’t that interested.

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