Mystery Island

Hello all well here today going to tell you a little about my shore tour to Mystery Island and Tim, Tim & I went over to Mystery Island for a shore tour this one was the glass bottom boat tour and it was bloody awesome I really enjoyed it and I am so glad we went. Although it was bloody difficult getting in and out of the boat, so it is good that mum and dad didn’t come as I think mum would have had a lot more trouble trying to get in and out of the boat.

The night before when we went to dinner Tim had on a sleeveless shirt and was told he had to go and change it or put a jacket on as he wasn’t allowed in without sleeves. Well of course this rightly pissed him off as he gets a bee in his bonnet about why women can attend with shoestrings tops or even sleeveless tops and dresses and feels it is a double standard and maybe it is but it is the policy it isn’t the fault of the waiter it is just the way it is so didn’t have a go at the waiter as it isn’t his fault. So he got the shits and went up to eat on deck 12 at the pantry as he didn’t want to go and change his shirt although when I saw him later he had changed his shirt. Now Tim isn’t that keen on eating in the restaurant he prefers the pantry where you walk around and get what you want, I prefer to be waited on a bit and not have to go around to find my food as by the end of the day I am exhausted.

While over on Mystery Island I bought a pair on long pants and Tim says they are not going to fit you, I said if they don’t I will give them to my special girl as they would fit her. They didn’t fit.

Dad wasn’t great for a few days he didn’t sound that great to me and he was so glad he brought the oxygen with him as he has needed it many times on the cruise.

It was bloody hot over on the island and outside in general but quiet cool even cold inside on the ship. The first thing I did when I returned to the ship was go and take my joggers off and change into my sandals but I didn’t need to change my jeans as it is much cooler on board.

2 thoughts on “Mystery Island

  1. OK, so once in our lives us ladies get “preferential treatment” 😉
    I had to look up that bee in a bonnet expression, not being an English speaking native and all.
    Hope your Dad is feeling better?

    1. Yeah I think women in general look better in sleeveless tops then men do, dad is doing ok he has good days and bad days and yeah different countries have different sayings

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