Feeling Sick


Hello everyone a break in the cruise posts for me to tell everyone that I have been sick as since Thursday, didn’t stop me from doing my shopping on Friday as per usual. Although have to say I wasn’t the best my balance wasn’t good my hand seemed to be shaking a bloody lot and on more then one occasion I felt like I was going to fall over and had to stop till I felt more steady.

Yesterday (Saturday) saw me sleeping most of the day thankfully didn’t have either Leo or Blain here, I told Leo he couldn’t sleep Friday night as he slept over on Wednesday night and can only sleep over one night a week.

Kathy-Lee came over to do Natasha’s hair yesterday morning and she had Summer with her but all Summer wanted to do was watch telly which annoyed her mother but I don’t see a problem with it when she is at home she likes to play with her toys and such but here she likes to watch telly, this may be because I don’t have a heap of toys for her to play with.

Kathy-Lee asked me what I would do when she would get really angry for no reason as a child, I told her I left her alone till she had calmed down, I didn’t try and talk to her or reason with her while she was angry. She said when she is like that at home Michael would tell her to go and have a nap and usually after a nap she is in a better mood.

I know my family are worried about me, mostly my parents and sister Sandra, this is the reason I hid the tremor for as long as I did. I don’t like to be the cause of worry for my family, with the exception of the last few days I generally feel well in myself the shaking of my hand doesn’t make me feel unwell. Yes the balance problems are getting worse I know it but usually only when I am tired or as I discovered on Friday when I am feeling unwell.

Sandra wants me to consider weight loss surgery but it isn’t something I want, and yeah I have thought about it at times but I just don’t want it this is something my mum understands but most people don’t.

It is another cold and wet day here, the type of day that makes one want to stay home and not go out just chill in front of the telly or go to bed, ok the going to bed is mostly because I am still feeling pretty sick. Although Tim wants us to go to Coles to get a few things soonish which of course I will do then I will be home to do nothing much at all again.

Oh I forgot to say how I am sick, I have a stuffed up head and I am very tired and have an headache so nothing serious just a general cold.

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