Tim’s Toothache

Ship tender

Hello all here I am writing another cruise post only a few more to go before they come to an end just as my cruise came to an end however that isn’t today so moving on.

I often would write my emails the night before after I have had my shower and spoken to mum/nan yes we still often speak for a few minutes in the evening even though we have tea together and after tea return to our cabins for the night.

On the first Thursday of the cruise I had to have a nap as I was all over the place balance wise, in fact my balance was terrible this morning at breakfast.

Taxi in Port Den

Natasha rang me via Facebook and we couldn’t hear each other which upset me as I miss my girls and grandchildren so much I think of them often during the day. That said she managed to ring and get through a few other times during the cruise.

Dad and Tim went over to the island via tender which is a small boat and both of them had a great time although dad was stuffed when he got back to the ship. Tim hasn’t been good all day he is in a lot of pain with his tooth.

He had to arrange to see a dentist at Port Denarua well what an adventure that turned out to be it turned out he has an infection and hard to take antibiotics but what a rigmarole we get the tender to the port and we were told that there would be a taxi waiting for us at the wharf there wasn’t. Tim ended up getting a taxi to take him to any bloody dentist the taxi driver spent 3 hours driving us around and he did go out of his way to find the dentist and rang up and arranged for Tim to be seen even though he had missed his appointment time as we didn’t know where to go. It cost $180 Fijian for the taxi $20 for the dentist and $46 at the chemist.

bus port den

Then he nagged me to get one o four girls to make a dentist appointment with his dentist when we return home I was getting fed up with him and thought just give it a rest, I had asked them to make an appointment for him but still he kept nagging about it.

Then when all was said and done with his tooth I asked to have pizza for lunch but he said he didn’t feel like pizza and so didn’t want to pay for me to get pizza this pissed me off a lot for the next few days.

Jo-Anne Port Den


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