Tour Bus Suva

Hi all on our first Wednesday of the cruise we spent most of the day busy with our shore excursion first after breakfast we had to line up and trust me it was a long ass line to change Aussie dollars into Fijian dollars then we had to go ashore and board a bus for our sight seeing tour.

Sitting in front of us (me and mum) was (Jonathon) ok not Jono but the guy who looks a lot like Jono no reason for telling you all that other then it popped into my head. Anyway both mum and I had trouble getting on and off the bus just saying. The bus drove around the island and stopped at the museum and we all got off and wondered around the museum and after we finished walking around we sat and had a Coke Zero and a chocolate custard cake by we I mean mum and me, neither Tim nor dad wanted to try it, I can tell you it was very nice.

Dad tour bus Suva

We then stopped at some other shops for 10 minutes before heading back to the ship, although Tim decided to walk back to the ship it was only a 5 minute walk to the ship but mum, dad and myself couldn’t manage to walk any more.

After returning to the ship I came back to my cabin and took my shoes off and then I headed up to Deck 12 to get something to eat to tie me over to tea, mum and dad came up too and while there Jonathon sat near us and mum said there’s Jono well the guy who looks like Jono and then dad asked what mum said and she repeated it and of course the guy could here us talking and started to have a laugh.

me tim gaurd suva

After lunch we went down to deck 5 to have a few cocktails and chat which is were Tim found us when he arrived back at the ship.

Speaking of Tim he is being plagued by a toothache and is pretty doped out on pain relief, he went to the medical centre and they said he could see the doctor but there is no dentist on board and all they could give him for pain relief was paracetamol or ibuprofen and I said to him you got stronger pain medication from mum she has Panadol Forte and Endone.

He has arranged to see a dentist tomorrow when we are at port cost will be between $100-150 Fijian dollars.

Dad and Guard Suva

Only 5 days to my special girls birthday, still have no idea what to give her in way of present.

Back to pain relief or more so pain, I have been in so much pain the last couple of days in my knees and lower back and nothing much helps mostly not all the bloody walking we have to do each day our cabin is at one end of the ship the forward end and the food is at the other end of the ship the Aft so a long way from the cabin to food in the morning.

I have been walking down the stairs when I am on my own or with Tim but when I am with mum and dad I take the lift as mum can’t manage the stairs.

Dad & Mum Warriar

Oh yeah nearly forgot when I wanted to go to the toilet earlier we were on deck 5 and the toilet is on deck 4 or deck 7 anyway I went to deck 4 but forgot that, that was were people were boarding the ship so couldn’t use that toilet but one of the cleaners told me I could use the toilet on deck 4 and took me to it but of course it was locked so I walked back to go up to deck 7 and one of the women who handling people as they boarded ran up and said I had to go back and go through the metal detector again and the cleaner said no no she came from upstairs not from ashore so it was ok and I was allowed to return to deck 5. I knew I would have to go to deck 7 to use the toilet I don’t know why there isn’t one on deck 5 which is the deck reception is on.

Well that is all for this email as I am tired and want to go to bed.

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