Cruise Post NO:2

On our third day of the cruise mum,dad, Tim and I went and saw a talk about numerology which three of us found interesting, one didn’t can you guess which one didn’t find it interesting.

That was in the morning after breakfast the after lunch mum and I went and had a couple of drinks while she (mum) got on Facebook and I also logged into Facebook on my phone for a few minutes. Then the men joined us and we had another drink or two before going to see a show/game called the Liars club it was suppose to be a comedy thing but neither mum or I found it that funny but it was an ok way to spend half and hour.

After that mum and I returned to our cabins to kick our shoes off and chill for a bit before dinner while the men went to bingo I am not really interested in bingo but Tim felt it was another way to kill some time before dinner.

Dad bought the photo taken of all of us when we were boarding, in fact he managed to get 4 of them for $50 he thought he was buying something different from the ones he had but no not the case anyway Tim will give him $25 for two of them. I told Tim I have no interest in having our photos taken by the people who go around snapping photos of us for us to buy we can just take photos of ourselves and no I am not talking about selfies but I guess we could try taking selfies if we wanted to.

Mum and I have been sharing drinks cocktails and soft drinks since Tim and I have the drinks package which allows us to get drinks up to the value of $12 for free, we can only get one drink at a time and any drink that cost more then $12 we have to pay for but that is ok, we just won’t be getting drinks costing more the $12. Tim was worried that there was a limit to how many drinks we can get in a day so I went and check with reception and no there is no limit we can only get one drink at a time but can get as many drinks as we like in a day.

I have been in bed early again as by 7 or 8pm I am so worn out all I want to do is go to bed, speaking of bed I have been sleeping well but Tim not so much and both mum and dad said they have been sleeping well as well which is good.

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