A bit more about me/hobbies

Let’s talk about my hobbies, I don’t have a lot but I do love to read, in fact I like to listen to audio books in the car while I am driving and when I am waiting for the boys to get out of school I will read another book and while we wait at airports or train stations I have a book with me to read.

When I was a child I spent a lot of time in my room reading, I would stay with my grandparents while mum was in hospital she spent a bit of time in hospital when I was a child with having babies and kidney problems and then having a stroke when she was 38.

Anyway back to me and my hobbies when I was with nan & pop I would come home from school go to my room and read, back in those days there would only be one tv in the house generally although my grandparents had an old back and white set in the dining room which at times I would watch but usually I preferred to read. Nan once said to mum that they were worried about me as I spent so much time alone reading but I was happy.

Also I get interested in blogging way back when I started my first blog way back in 2005, I love blogging I love to visit different peoples blogs and read about their lives, for me there are many blog friends. When I explain having blog friends I say they are like pen pals but it is all done on line.

Speaking of pen pals that is another hobby I have a lot of pen pals, I have been writing to pen pals on and off since I was 13-14 some pals I have been writing to for over 25 years one Tracey I have been writing to for more like 30 years she was one of the first pals I got when I took it up again when Kathy was a baby.

My mum understands pen pals as she had pen pals when she was a child/teenager but then she got married and had children and found she often didn’t have time to write and just stopped writing. Also pen paling is a two way thing you need to get letters to reply to and I get a lot, often of a week wend I will have between 6 and 12 letters to answer. I have pals from around Australia and around the world usually in Germany, the UK and Canada. It is a bit expensive to have pen pals here in Australia the cost of stand postage stamp went up to $1 in January and to send and overseas letter it is $2.75 although I usually send Aerogrammes which cost $2.30 so saves me a bit of money.

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