Nursing Homes

nan pop wd

You know what annoys me seeing Facebook posts about how bad nursing homes are and how a old person would be better off in prison or cruising the oceans what a load of shit.

As you all know I visit my Aunty Pat who is in a nursing home once every month or so and my grandmother who is in a nursing home every week and years ago before she passed away I would visit my great-aunt who was in yet a different nursing home each week.

Mum & Nan Fingal Bay

So I can tell you that both the nursing homes Aunty Pat and Nanna are in are nice, both have their own bathroom and their own tv, Aunty Pat shares a room with two other ladies because sharing a room is cheaper but she likes her room and isn’t interested in changing. She gets alone with one of the women in the room, the other one is more like Nanna unable to communicate.

Nanna shares her room with another lady who is usually out in the wards community room the room they often have breakfast in that room and it is the room used for games and there is a large tv in that room as well.


Nanna has her own bathroom and her own tv as well, although as most would know Nanna is bedridden and unable to feed herself or move at all really. She becomes distressed if she is hungry or has soiled herself otherwise she spends most of the day sleeping.

When she is distressed there is one man who works there that is very good with her, he sings to her as Nanna loves singing and he finds if he sings to her while he is changing her and cleaning her up she becomes less distressed. Also at times she will become distressed and want Ron, my pop who passed away in 2010, so this same man will hold her hand and say I’m here Flo and this will calm her down.

Me & Nan & Tasha

We find the staff on a whole nice, caring people and the nursing homes to be clean and don’t smell and the food for the general residents is quiet nice according to my Uncle who usual has Christmas lunch over there with Nanna.

Now the nursing home my great-aunt Joyce was in did smell sometimes the smell was overpowering and this meant that mum and I would only stay a short time, Aunt shared a room with three other women and didn’t have her own bathroom that I can remember but she liked the food and said the staff were nice and friendly and Aunt always looked well cared for.

So yes I know some nursing homes may not be that great but if your loved one is in a nursing home you don’t like move them you can do that if you want my Nan first went into a nursing home 45 minutes away that place mum and I only visited once and mum cried the whole time as they had cut Nan’s hair into a bowl cut that looked awful and it was grey and up until then Nan had never had grey hair. The woman we visited wasn’t Nanna she was someone else in Nanna’s body in face when we first arrive at the nursing home we couldn’t find her she looked so different. Well we thought she looked different her hair wasn’t blonde and it wasn’t styled and she had only been there a week.

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