My Mother’s Day

necklace stand

Well last Sunday was Mother’s Day, so how was my Mother’s Day, all in all it was a good day. I received some nice presents Jessica replaced the tray the boys broke and she also got me some pj’s bottoms nice fleecy ones and a bath bomb which I will use on Friday night when I have a relaxing bath after a long day.

I also had the girls over for breakfast and Michael came as well, Kathy & Michael gave me this lovely necklace holder which Michael made himself for me and have to say I love it. Natasha gave me a new pair of jeans and a lovely top, however, the jeans don’t fit and I will return them on the weekend and either get a larger size or some other pants.

With Necklaces

Then after breakfast Tim and I went over to my parents place for lunch, we had Henny Penny which is chicken for those who have no idea, kinda like KFC but nicer just saying. I also bought a bottle of wine to have with lunch and indeed had two glasses of wine, and on the way home I asked Tim if we could stop and get another bottle of wine which we did so in the end I had about a full bottle of wine with what I had with lunch and what I had at home after lunch.

Tim didn’t give me anything for Mother’s Day, mostly because I couldn’t think of anything I wanted, so I asked him to give me some spending money when we go on the cruise and also said the bottle of wine would be a nice present for me.

Yes we are going on another cruise at the end of the month, we are going with my parents and we are so excited about it as is my mum not sure about dad though he wonders what he is going to do all day on a ship but I have told mum there are lots of things to do, including many live shows to see.

I did have a bit of a cry on Sunday because my arm was so stiff and sore as it is again today and yesterday I am just so over this arm the shaking the aching the stiffness the needing to message and rub the arm to ease the stiffness and aching feeling. I have times when I worry about becoming a burden to my family and yes they all told me I am not going to become a burden and I shouldn’t be getting upset but at times I can’t help it I just feel that way.

If it isn’t my arm giving my pain and such it is my back which has been really bad recently I am due to go and have an epidural injection in my back tomorrow at L4-5 so we will see if that helps at all.


12 thoughts on “My Mother’s Day

  1. Let us know how the epidural goes. Remember that you are loved and are not considered a burden. I also have nothing else to do with my time, so helping my mother seems better than sitting on my ass or cleaning up your grand daughters urine.

  2. Hi Joanne — glad to hear you had a good Mother’s Day and got to spend it with family. Enjoyed seeing the gifts you got and shared the necklace holder photo on Facebook. My son-in-law has taken up making things with wood and wanted to share it with him as another idea. Michael did a beautiful job on it. Hope you’re feeling better and can look forward to some good times on your upcoming cruise. 🙂

    1. I really like my necklace holder, Michael is hoping to make a success of this business and he is good at the woodwork stuff so he should do well. We are so excited about the cruise and by we I mean mostly me and mum

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