Overheard Conversations

Have you ever over heard a conversation and thought what the hell………………

Recently I have had that thought a few times after over hearing spinets of conversation, such as the other day while shopping I heard a couple of women talking about blogging since I am a blogger this caught my attention, what the woman who blogs said made me think what the hell………what did she say you wonder. Well she was talking about having some blog friends and was explaining how they are kind just online friends, then she said that she had discovered that this one blog friend was black. She then said she doesn’t sound black in her blog, which made me think what the hell does that mean how does one sound black I don’t get that, the way she said it was as if she was shocked that the woman was black, I thought who bloody cares what colour her skin is what matters if she is a nice sounding woman and if you like what she blogs about and such.

Then on Friday afternoon while I was waiting for Leo to get out of school I could hear a couple of people talking about Mother’s Day and how some women are missing out not having children, that they couldn’t get why some people would choose not to have children. Now these people are allowed their opinion but it was the way they said it.

I feel sad for those who want children and are unable to have them, but not everyone wants children and they may not feel like they are missing out on anything.

Also just because a woman of couple do not have children doesn’t mean they have chosen not to have them unless you know for a fact why they don’t have children you should shut the hell up and keep your opinions to yourself. That said if you know they have chosen not to have children then you need to respect that they are not you they can chose not to have children if they want to do so.

I will talk about my Mother’s Day tomorrow since I started this post on Saturday and with one thing or another I am only getting around to finishing it and posting it today, Monday.


2 thoughts on “Overheard Conversations

  1. Recently I read something that reminded me that the people who are the hardest on women, are usually women. Why is that, I wonder.

    Thought-provoking post Jo-Anne. ❤
    Diana xo

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