A bit more about me………..my education

Ok let us talk about my education, this could be a short post, since I have bugga all education……lol

Ok I started school when I was 5, I went to Gateshead primary school, then onto Gateshead high school, I left at the end of year 10. When I was at school you could leave any time after turning 14yrs & 9mths, however, now days you are expected to go through to the end of year 12 which I think is stupid as I can tell you there was no way I could have done years 11 & 12 I just wasn’t smart enough.

When I was in high school I was in a C class, in fact I was in & 7C2 and was in the C2 class all way through high school this was the class above the “dummies” class which was 7D1 which was also known as the OA class which had those student who had some kind of intellectual disability but this class still in my days had around 20-30 students in it.

Now days there are generally two levels of classes for students with some kind of intellectual disability the first level is what is called an IM class, then there is the IO class, the IM class is for students with a mild intellectual disability or what is usually called a learning disability, the IO class is for students with a moderate intellectual disability.

So this said I think if I was in school today I would be in an IM class as the IO class is what we called the OA class. Tim was in an OA class when he was at school and he left half way through year 8 as soon as he was able to do so but this isn’t a post about him it is about me.

As I said I left school at the end of year 10, now I can tell you when I sat the year 10 school certificate exams I failed the english exam getting only 48% the other exams science and maths I did better on getting around 60-70%.

When I left school I had no idea what I was going to do and had no intention of doing any more studying but as it turned out I did a secretarial course at Tafe (Technical and Further Education) only because my best friend at the time wanted to do one but as it turned out I got into the course and she didn’t.

Did I like school?

No I did not but I went every bloody day because it was just what was expected, it never occurred to me not to attend each day. Yeah many students skip school but not me in a year I would have only 1 or 2 days off school because I was sick.


Lest We Forget


Hello all today is Anzac Day here in Australia, it is one of the nations most important days, it marks the anniversary of the first major military action undertook by Australian and New Zealand forces during the first world way.

The 25th April was the day that the Anzac’s landed at Gallipoli and even though the whole Gallipoli campaign was a failure it was at Gallipoli that for many the Anzac legend was born becoming an important part of the identity of both countries, shaping the way in which they were viewed both in the past in years to come.

The first Anzac Day commemorations were held on the 25th April 1916 a year after the Gallipoli disaster. That day was marked by ceremonies and services across the country in Sydney march convoys of cars carried the soldiers wounded at Gallipoli. There was a march in London with around 2,000 Australian and New Zealand troops marching, a London newspaper used the headline “the knights of Gallipoli” there was as well and sports day in the Australian camp in Egypt.

For those who don’t know when the First World War broke out Australia had only been a federated nation for 13 years, thus the government at the time was eager to establish a reputation among other nations of the world.

By the end of the Gallipoli campaign more the 8,000 Australian soldiers had died, Gallipoli had a profound impact on those back home in Australia and the 25th April soon became the day which Australians would remember the sacrifice of those who died in the war, later on it would be come the nations day to remember all those who died in all wars.

It was in 1927 that for the first time all states observed some form of public holiday on Anzac Day by the mid 1930’s all the rituals which are now associated with the Anzac Day were firmly established as part of the Anzac Day culture.

These rituals are the dawn service which was the time of the original landing at Gallipoli, later in the day ex-servicemen and women take part in marches through the major cities and in some smaller towns as well. There are more formal commemorative services held at the war memorials around the country.

Anzac Day 1
A typical Anzac Day ceremony may include the following features: an introduction, hymn, prayer, an address, laying of wreaths, a recitation, the Last Post, a period of silence, either the Rouse or the Reveille, and the national anthem. After the Memorial’s ceremony, families often place red poppies beside the names of relatives on the Memorial’s Roll of Honour, as they also do after Remembrance Day services.

Now for a little about the Anzac biscuit, during the First World War friends and families of soldiers would send food to those fighting because of the time delay getting the food from here to there and the need for the items to not need refrigeration many would send biscuits.

Anzac biscuits are made with rolled oats, sugar, plain flour, coconut, butter,golden syrup, bi-carbonate and boiling water. Of course these biscuits where first known as the Soldiers’ Biscuit, the name Anzac Biscuit came about due to our desire to recognise the Anzac traditional and the part the biscuit played in the diet of Gallipoli.

The Anzac biscuit is one of the few commodities that are able to be legally marketed in Australia using the word ‘Anzac’, which is protected by Federal Legislation.

anzac biscuit

A bit about Clothes Dyers

tumble dryer

Good afternoon, how is everyone this fine Thursday afternoon, I just came in from pegging the washing on the line I don’t know if it will dry or if it will rain but what the hell they can go out one the line as you all know I am not a big user of the clothes dryer.

Have you ever thought about the clothes dryer, do you know when the first clothes dryer were invented and who was the first inventor of the clothes dryer. Well I turned to the internet to see what I could find out and you know what clothes dryers were first being invented in way back in the early 1800’s what the hell. For some reason I didn’t think it would had been so long ago, one of the early types of clothes dryer was the ventilator and the first one was built by a Frenchman named Pochon. It was a barrel-shaped metal drum with holes in it and was turned by hand over a fire.

The first electrical clothes dryers appeared around 1915, but it wasn’t till around the late 1930’s that the first automatic dryer came about when the Hamilton Manufacturing Company produced the first automatic clothes dyer.

Of course the cost of owning a dryer was to remain out of reach for most people till sometime in the 1960’s, the cost of a dryer in the 1950’s would had been equivalent of about $1,600 in today’s money can you imagine paying that type of money for a dyer, I know there is no way I would have done so.

However, with time came new technologies, production methods and generally lower costs meant to have a dryer in ones home was truly affordable by the late 1990’s although I can tell you my parents have had a clothes dryer for as long as I can remember and Tim and I have also always had one so from my point of view they were pretty much affordable since the early 1980’s.

Now as we all know technology is forever changing and the time of the tumble driver as we know it may come to an end to be replaced with dryers that make use of microwave technology or we could have solar dyers and vent-less dryers also known as compression or heap pump dryers. In fact this stage the design or function of a dryer has not changed in 200 years, many modern clothes dryers include electronic sensors that detect when the clothes are dry. Not the dryer I have though as I have a pretty standard (cheap) dryer.

vertical dryer

When I first meet Tim the house he was living in had a vertical clothes dryer I had never seen anything like it before and only thought about it while writing this so tried to find out about them via the internet. The only thing like it I could find was a drying cabinet, which is an electrical machine designed to expedite the drying of items that are unsuitable for traditional tumble dryers. This could be what it was I don’t really know Tim was told it was a vertical clothes dryer so I don’t know.

What I do know is that even though I like my clothes dryer for wet days or days when the clothes just going to take forever to dry, I prefer to hang my clothes on the line and let the sun dry them.


A little about me

Do you have a favourite colour?

I for most of my life never thought much about having a favourite colour but recently I was talking to my granddaughter Sydney-May and she asked me what my favourite colour was and after thinking for a moment my answer was purple, I like different shades of purple and I also like different shades of pink I don’t like hot pink the shades have to be softer shades also not big on deep purple I prefer the softer shades of purple.

When I was younger I liked to wear black a lot and yes still do like black but the older I get the more I like lighter and brighter colours. Although when it comes to prints I am not great at mixing prints if I wear a skirt that has a print I usually go for a block colour top and if I wear a block coloured skirt I will chose a printed top but I don’t wear two different prints as I can’t get them to mix when I have tried to wear two different prints they clash. Well I think they clash.

How are you at mixing prints can you do it or are you like me and feel they clash so you don’t bother.

When I go out shopping or to have a meal I like to look nice, I like to wear some make-up and some jewellery and for many years a nice pair of heels. However, my days of wearing heels are long gone, I don’t have the balance for heels now days and my knees are not good when I am wearing heels so I have moved onto shoes with only a slight heel. I can’t wear flats as they make my legs ache, a lot.

I have a lot of jewellery not expensive stuff but nice looking cheaper stuff and I am one of those people who likes her jewellery to match. Hell I also like my eye-shadow to match what I am wearing, as in if I am wearing a pink top I will have pink eye-shadow if I am wearing black I will have a greyish eye-shadow. My girls tell me at times that I should wear neutral colour eye-shadow but that is not me. I also like to wear panty hose and knee high stockings if I am wearing long pants or a long skirt.

How about you do you like to match?

Do you wear much jewellery?

If you are male what do you think do you like to see women who have make-up on and some jewellery.

Me and Tim CruiseDo you think bare legs are nicer then legs in panty hose?

Outback Australia

outback aus

There are many things in life we take for granted such as living and one day dying but what about some of the other little things we take for granted now days, things like electricity and flushing toilets and have the rubbish picked up from the front of our house and taken away all we need to do is take the bloody bin out so it can be emptied for us each week.

Have you ever thought what it would be like to not have these things, I know when Tim starts on about how he would like to live in the outback I think of these things, granted we would still have electricity and flushing toilets but we may not have our rubbished picked up each week because some outback areas do not have that.

outback track

Same can be said for having shops that are close by so when we are out of something we can just jump in the car and pop down to the shops the whole thing will take maybe 10 minutes. If he was living in the outback there would not be any shops that close by to pop to, I think Tim sees things like living in the outback through rose coloured glasses.

Life in outback Australia is hard and Tim isn’t up to a hard life maybe when he was in his 20’s he would had been but at 55 not so much so I get annoyed when he says that he wants to go bush as he wants peace and quiet.

In fact living in outback Australia when one wants to go to the shops they will have to drive sometimes up to 3 hours, of course many people living in such areas have to rely on the flying doctor when they are unwell.

Children learn via way of the school of the air meaning they use a short wave radio or the internet to have school lessons.

Of course there are areas in the outback I would like to visit such as Uluru also known as Ayers Rock but I think most Australians would love to visit the rock. I however, have no interest in living in the outback and I really don’t think Tim would like it either.

the rock

Sunday 17th April/My Day

9.30am Sunday 17th April 2016

Hello everyone how is everyone on this Sunday or Saturday whichever day it is that you are reading this. I have been somewhat busy, shock, horror, me busy who would had thought what have I been doing you wonder well shopping for food and housework which as we all know is never ending. I also spent most of yesterday either writing letters to pen pals or watching telly along with doing housework and making lunch for me, Kathy-Lee and Natasha. Jessica didn’t come over for lunch because all I was going was chunky can soup with rice and bread it was nice though and easy and I had the soup in my cupboard for months. Tim was at work all day but is off today, Jessica and Leo are coming over today for lunch as today I am doing home-made chicken tenders with who knows what.

I am still walking of a morning although I am glad no one as in family members could see me yesterday as yesterday morning was a bad morning I had zero balance and was stumbling around like a drunk person and if the family saw or knew about that they would worry. This morning, however, I was fine no problems at all while walking, I did feel exhausted by the time I got home but over all I was fine.


Ok just had to run out and get Natasha’s work dusters off the line alone with the mop heads because it’s raining and you know what no one came to help at first the Blain came out and got the mop heads off and he told papa to come help me which he did but by then I had everything off the line. Think I will be using the dryer today.


I have done the chicken tenders and just put the pasta in to cook just packet pasta mix bacon carbonara Tim went out earlier to let a lizard go that he found during the week in his shed I am glad he took the car as it is pissing down rain. He also said he wanted to go to Bunnings and then to Coles so not sure how much longer he will be but he wouldn’t eat lunch anyway so not going to wait for him.


Lunch is over and Tim is home, a load of washing is in the dryer and Natasha is outside smoking and Jessica is outside chatting to her, Natasha is the only daughter I have that smokes. Tim smokes but I don’t never have never will.


Ok it is now later in the afternoon, I have just had a nice hot bath and it is still raining been raining all day. Tim and Natasha had a bit of talk about his attitude and her attitude and how we are worried about him and how we feel he is suffering from depression and would like to see him he take steps to correct that but he doesn’t want to talk to any one and doesn’t want to take medication for it so I do not know what is going to happen. We told him we believe he is depressed because of how negative he is about everything and how he twists everything to make it out that we are attacking him. He also has a terrible habit of walking away while people are trying to talk to him he says people talk over him all the time and yeah that may happen at times it happens to all of us it is part of life it doesn’t mean we stop talking to others we just push on as it is what one does if one wants to be heard in this family at times.