A Bit Of Dog Sitting For Me

Hello everyone, I am coming to you from another place not home, why because I am dog sitting for my brother who has gone to our nieces wedding in Queensland, Kirsty is marrying her partner Jacob this afternoon.

My brother is attending in place of our parents as my dad has been really sick a lot recently add to that mum isn’t really comfortable driving such a long distance. Even though Tim and I not attending I did send a present up with my niece Kelli and Jonathon, since Kelli and Jonathon naturally went this meant my grandson Blain has had a holiday in Queensland this last week and this I am very happy about as it would be his first family holiday well the first one that I know about.

I am the only person that my brother and sister in-law are comfortable with staying here to watch the dogs, the only thing I don’t like that much is the bed it is not that comfortable but it is only a few nights and I can cope with that.

This morning I went to the local plaza and did a bit of shopping then I had to go home to pick up my phone charger so while I was home I had a bath and did Tim’s medication up for the next week so I don’t have to go home tomorrow. Tim said he wanted me to go home and get him tomorrow to take him over to Kathy’s place but I really don’t want to and will suggest that he rides his motor bike here and e then go from here to Kathy’s. David only lives 5 minutes from Kathy so I would rather do what I said but we will see.

Yeah last night when I got here I discovered that I had left my phone charger at home so before I went to bed last night I turned my phone off, I rarely turn my phone off but since I was going to bed it was ok and this morning I tried charging it in the car with the car charger but it is stuffed and not working, I am going to suggest to Tim that we get another one as I do use it a lot more then I thought I would.

The reason I had a bath at home this morning is because my bath is a larger bath then the one here, it is deeper and longer and wider so a better size for this larger woman. Why is it I wonder why baths now days are generally smaller then they were 30 years or so ago, my bath is the same one we had when we moved into the place 28years ago. I also remember the bath that was in this house when it was Aunty Joyce’s house it was a large bath like mine but it was in a terrible state and when my brother did some renovations to the house they put in a new bathroom and that meant getting a new smaller bath.

Well that is enough dribble for this post.


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