Reading to my children

Kathy's thoughts

There is nothing more I enjoy than reading to my children.  When Sydney (my eldest) was younger she would sit in my lap and have me read to her for hours.  Her favourite stories were those hard cover stories that were designed for children of a certain age like my then 2 year old daughter.  I would have to read the same story more than 20 times each.

Admittedly I became fed up and decided to get a little creative with the story.  This is where I started using funny voices, or would ask questions about the story.  What colour dress is Cinderella wearing?  What kind of animal is Cushie Butterfield?  Can you tell me how the character is feeling?  Happy, sad, angry, annoyed, scared?  The list went on.

After a while, Sydney became so good at identify colours, animals, emotions and even page numbers.  I’m sure most mothers can…

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