Listening to children communicate

My daughter has a blog now so I am going to reblog some of her posts till she get some followers

Kathy's thoughts

This afternoon I was walking home with my eldest daughter Sydney and her friend K and I decided to take a step back from talking to them and discussing their day and instead listen to them talk to each other while they walked.

I was absolutely fascinated at what they spoke about and how the conversation progressed into a new topic.  As we were crossing the road K yelled out “you can’t run across the road cos you could fall and a car might hit you and you will die”.  For a few minutes both girls were discussing how when you die you go to heaven which is some place in the sky.

What had me even more fascinated was how K described how you ‘get up into the sky’.  Her theory is that another part of you comes to take you to the sky.  Both girls were adamant that…

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