A little about me

Do you have a favourite colour?

I for most of my life never thought much about having a favourite colour but recently I was talking to my granddaughter Sydney-May and she asked me what my favourite colour was and after thinking for a moment my answer was purple, I like different shades of purple and I also like different shades of pink I don’t like hot pink the shades have to be softer shades also not big on deep purple I prefer the softer shades of purple.

When I was younger I liked to wear black a lot and yes still do like black but the older I get the more I like lighter and brighter colours. Although when it comes to prints I am not great at mixing prints if I wear a skirt that has a print I usually go for a block colour top and if I wear a block coloured skirt I will chose a printed top but I don’t wear two different prints as I can’t get them to mix when I have tried to wear two different prints they clash. Well I think they clash.

How are you at mixing prints can you do it or are you like me and feel they clash so you don’t bother.

When I go out shopping or to have a meal I like to look nice, I like to wear some make-up and some jewellery and for many years a nice pair of heels. However, my days of wearing heels are long gone, I don’t have the balance for heels now days and my knees are not good when I am wearing heels so I have moved onto shoes with only a slight heel. I can’t wear flats as they make my legs ache, a lot.

I have a lot of jewellery not expensive stuff but nice looking cheaper stuff and I am one of those people who likes her jewellery to match. Hell I also like my eye-shadow to match what I am wearing, as in if I am wearing a pink top I will have pink eye-shadow if I am wearing black I will have a greyish eye-shadow. My girls tell me at times that I should wear neutral colour eye-shadow but that is not me. I also like to wear panty hose and knee high stockings if I am wearing long pants or a long skirt.

How about you do you like to match?

Do you wear much jewellery?

If you are male what do you think do you like to see women who have make-up on and some jewellery.

Me and Tim CruiseDo you think bare legs are nicer then legs in panty hose?


3 thoughts on “A little about me

  1. I wear a lot of black and mostly solids. Rarely do I wear a pattern. I’m kind of a boring dresser, but if I try something too different, I feel uncomfortable for the day.

    I don’t do much jewelry either. Always earrings, occasionally necklaces, and always my watch. And I’m not a shoe person. A few pairs suits me fine. See? Boring. 🙂

    1. I get that I feel uncomfortable when I try and mix prints which is why I don’t do it.

      Not boring, just unique I am not a shoe person either I have a few pairs of shoes but find I usually wear the same ones over and over.

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