Outback Australia

outback aus

There are many things in life we take for granted such as living and one day dying but what about some of the other little things we take for granted now days, things like electricity and flushing toilets and have the rubbish picked up from the front of our house and taken away all we need to do is take the bloody bin out so it can be emptied for us each week.

Have you ever thought what it would be like to not have these things, I know when Tim starts on about how he would like to live in the outback I think of these things, granted we would still have electricity and flushing toilets but we may not have our rubbished picked up each week because some outback areas do not have that.

outback track

Same can be said for having shops that are close by so when we are out of something we can just jump in the car and pop down to the shops the whole thing will take maybe 10 minutes. If he was living in the outback there would not be any shops that close by to pop to, I think Tim sees things like living in the outback through rose coloured glasses.

Life in outback Australia is hard and Tim isn’t up to a hard life maybe when he was in his 20’s he would had been but at 55 not so much so I get annoyed when he says that he wants to go bush as he wants peace and quiet.

In fact living in outback Australia when one wants to go to the shops they will have to drive sometimes up to 3 hours, of course many people living in such areas have to rely on the flying doctor when they are unwell.

Children learn via way of the school of the air meaning they use a short wave radio or the internet to have school lessons.

Of course there are areas in the outback I would like to visit such as Uluru also known as Ayers Rock but I think most Australians would love to visit the rock. I however, have no interest in living in the outback and I really don’t think Tim would like it either.

the rock


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