Lake Macquarie


A few years back I did a post about where I live but have decided to do another one as some readers may not have seen or read the other one hell I don’t even remember what I wrote then so who has heard of Lake Macquarie?

I am not talking about the lake called Lake Macquarie which by the way is a ten minute walk from my place or a 2 minute drive, but instead I am talking about the city of Lake Macquarie although when I was a child it was Lake Macquarie County Council well I think it was, now it is Lake Macquarie City Council.

w bay

Lake Macquarie became a a city on the 7th September 1984, not long before I was married not important just thought I would add that. The city is adjacent to the city of Newcastle, by adjacent we are talking bloody close I live in Lake Mac my brother who lives only 10 minutes from me in Wallsend is part of the Newcastle council, just so you know. The Shire of Lake Macquarie was proclaimed on the 6th March 1906, and was a Municipality from 1st March 1977.

The city of Lake Mac has a mayor Cr Jodie Harrison who is a member of the Labor Party, we vote every four years to elect a mayor and city councillors. When we vote the voting takes place generally at local schools, we can walk to the high school to vote it is only a 2-3 minute walk there.


From around 2015 there were 204,166 people living in Lake Mac with around 48% of them being male and the rest female, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander make up about 3% of the population which was higher than the national and state average. That said to be honest I don’t see a lot of Aboriginal people around, I am sure they are here I just don’t see them often, also many people feel that they don’t want to live near Aboriginal people as they have a bad rep of drinking and fighting which I doubt is the truth, I am sure a few have caused the rep and the rest have to deal with it.

Lake Mac is about 150km north of Sydney, the Newcastle/Lake Mac area is the second oldest city in the state and was first used as a penal settlement for convicts in the 1800’s. Newcastle is the world’s largest coal export harbour, as far as I know. Our population is spread out around the lake in over 90 communities, our minimum temperature is around 10-11 °C and our top temperature is usually around 30-34°C although if you where to check some websites they top temperature is stated as being around 24°c but that is not right trust me.

Ok that will do for this post, I will write a bit about the lake its self in another post.


4 thoughts on “Lake Macquarie

  1. Joanne,
    Thank you for introducing your hometown and its sights to us. I think the description with your personal touches added were just fabulous. Its surprising how many of these places have a namesake place in the UK and a duplicate place in the US and perhaps Canada.
    Goes to show the whole world is one doesn’t it ?

    1. Yes I think a lot of the places here are named either after some of our first governors and such or after places in the UK being that the first white people here were from the UK

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