Hello Wednesday since yesterday all I posted was a picture of something the post I wanted to write yesterday but couldn’t find the energy to do I will write and post today how does that sound?

I want to write about respect all of us have heard the word, we all should know what it means for those who are unsure of it’s meaning according to my dictionary it means “to feel or show esteem or regard to; to treat considerately” ok we all know it means more then just that so don’t go on about all the other meanings of it for my post that definition is enough.

We have had a problem with the boys Blain & Leo and showing no respect towards me and their mothers, I have had it, I am so over all this disrespect I am getting from both the boys, Blain is the worse offender. He has to argue the point with me over everything and has a habit of rolling his eyes which makes me want to slap him of course I have not slapped him I don’t do that but it doesn’t change the fact that I want to.

Leo can be just as bad although he doesn’t generally roll his eyes he just gets this look on his face that makes me say “don’t look at me like that” it is a look of disrespect, both the boys try our patience a lot lately. I said to Natasha I thought my days of dealing with disrespect from children on a daily basis.

I try to speak to the boys in a clam respectful manner, Leo will say he treats people how they treat him and I have said well if that is the case why are you being so disrespectful of me as I rarely speak to you in a disrespectful manner. He has told me he is sorry for his attitude at times and when he says sorry it comes across as heartfelt, when Blain says sorry it is because he has been told to do so and it is anything but heartfelt.

I generally like to ask the boys or anyone in fact to do things for me, over telling them, first I ask then I tell, then I demand this I got off my mum that is how she treated her children thus how I have treated mine and now my grandchildren.

I also have and still do say sorry when I speak to any of my girls or grandchildren in a disrespectful manner, usually this happens because I am angry and speak in anger and when that happens I am not sounding very respectful so when I have calmed down I go and say sorry. What I am apologising for is my tone not necessarily what I said, there is a difference.

So have you had a problem with children being disrespectful of you and towards you, how do you deal with it when it happens.

I calmly tell the boys that I think they are being disrespectful and I do not like their tone, I also will say in a firm tone that I will not tolerate that tone or eye rolling or look and they can go to the bedroom till they are ready to speak to me how I should be spoken to. I am the adult I will not be told by a child what they are doing such as Blain will come home and say I am going to my friends, I say no you ask if you can go to your friends place do not tell me you are going, granted when asked I say yes more or less all the time but I like to be asked. I have said to the boys at school you do not say to the teach “ I am going to the toilet” you asked if you can go to the toilet because it is polite to ask.


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