My Good Friday


Hello everyone, it is Good Friday here and that means Tim cooking fish for lunch which he did, yesterday I went to the shops to get a few things. I didn’t do all my weekly shopping as I really didn’t have the time, I wanted to go to Blain’s Easter Hat Parade which I did do and then I only had time to go and check the mail and get fish for today’s lunch before going back to get him (Blain) from school.

So even though it was Thursday night and not Friday night I allow Leo to stay over as Blain was going to his father’s he will be back here on Sunday some time, I think Natasha will be going to get him.

Now yesterday afternoon when Jessica was here to drop off Leo and pick up Blain she said something about the school holidays and I said yeah they start next Friday and she goes no today is the last day of the school term and she would not believe me she had to get online and check it out and guess what I was right, there is one more week of school left.

Now this morning I didn’t feel 100% so after a couple of hours I went back to bed, I just really felt tired and I slept till 11.30am when Natasha work me for lunch. Now I don’t eat fish but I do eat chips so while everyone else had fish and chips I just had chips with tom tit sauce (tomato sauce) I do not know why I call it tom tit sauce just always have.

Now let’s go back to Leo for a minute, last night when he was here riding his bike he got all pissy he storms in side yelling and swearing and throwing things around. I tried to talk to him but he was in a right foul mood. Turns out that a couple of the neighbours told him to be careful and watch out for cars and that set him off. I ended up ringing his mum and telling her if he continued to carry on I will be getting her to come and get him. I ended up convincing him to have a bath which he did and by the time he got out he was in a better frame of mind and settled right down. I love him but I am not going to put up with him carrying on throwing things and swearing and such, I am not his mum and when he is in a really foul mood his mum can be the one to deal with him. Right or wrong that is how I feel.

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