My Tuesday

I haven’t been around reading blogs today, just haven’t had the time after I took Leo to school this morning I had to go and have my eyes checked at the optometrist cost for me $15, when Tim saw him last Saturday it cost him $39. Tim wanted to know why his cost so much more I asked him (Tim) if he told the guy he was my husband and Jeannie’s (sister) brother in-law to which Tim said no why would I, well that may be part of the reason it cost you more Tim.

Then I went over to Leo’s school for his Easter hat parade then home for only an hour till I had to go and get Blain then Leo from school, while on the drive home both boys were complaining that they were so hungry so when I got home I made tea (dinner) for them and they both said they were not hungry but I made them eat it anyway.

Jessica and Leo were here for tea this is going to be happening a lot more often like 3 or 4 times a week and while Jessica is here of an afternoon she will be make sure both boys are doing there homework before they go out to spend time with their friends, well they are Blain’s friends really.

Blain’s Easter parade is on Thursday but not sure what time will have to ring the school and try and find out time you would have thought the school would had sent a note home yesterday or today reminding parents about the Easter parade or at least have the information on their Facebook page.

So this is just letting you know a bit about my day.

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