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A Post About Walking

Hi all there was no post yesterday, why? I have no idea other then the fact that I was busy in the morning had to go to the chemist to get a script filled, although when I get to the chemist I find out that I do not have a script for the medication that I needed, so they lent me a script so Thursday will see me off to the doctor to get prescriptions.

Yesterday saw both Blain and Leo having swimming carnivals, both boys had a good time and the weather was great not too hot and not wet so pretty good.

This morning I over slept and didn’t wake up till Leo came in and woke me, so no morning walk as when I got up it was raining and I don’t walk in the rain.

You know when I was a child I do not remember people walking just for the sake of walking people walked to and from different places, I always walked to school unless it was wet and sometimes if it was stinking bloody hot. I do not remember my mum going for a walk just for the sake of it.

I used to walk my girls to and from school, this I did because I was worried about them walking on their own and told them that I was walking with them for the exercise but as I just said that wasn’t the whole truth. If they thought I was walking with them because I was worried about them they would get their knickers in a knot.

I like to go for my walk early in the morning and I like to go alone, no music or anyone with me to annoy me just me all alone. I usually like to think about how cool it would be if I won Loto, how I would spend the money and such.

Do you remember people walking for the sake of walking when you were a child?

Of course most days by the time I get home I am in pain, a lot of pain with my back some days it is an effort to put one foot in front of the other but most days I manage it.

Somehow my alarm clock has been changed the time isn’t right and the alarm isn’t going off which is somewhat annoying, I will have to take some time today and look at it and see if I can fix it. This morning I woke up to Leo saying morning nan rise and shine. It wasn’t that late though it was around 6.50am but still didn’t have the time for a walk and now I will post his before I go and take Leo to school.

Hey hey it’s Saturday, just saying

Hello everyone, hope your day is or has been a good one, we are having another cool wet day here, I was lucky to get my walk done with before it started to rain.

Tim and Jessica drove to Williamtown/Newcastle airport to pick up a rental car, Jessica would like to learn to drive a manual so earlier in the week Tim rang around and found some place that hired manual cars. Anyway the get there and are told it would cost $400 for the day what the hell, no bloody way they were paying that type of money, they were told because it was being paid for with debt card not a credit card that it cost so much. Tim told them to forget it he wasn’t paying that much money. What a waste of time.

This morning I have 3 out of 4 grandchildren here, Kathy is also here but she is having a nap, the girls have been keeping her awake a lot at night and really doing her head in with not listening to her and demanding her attention all the damn time. She rang me while I was out walking this morning and she sounded terrible, I told her she could come over and have a nap here if she wanted to and she did.

Tim said he had a terrible night not being able to sleep and waking up a lot during the night and at 3am when he woke up he realised that Natasha wasn’t home so he rang her to see where she was, he was worried about her as she is usually home long before 3am. Nothing was wrong it is just the woman she works with, she is a gossip and will stand around talking why Natasha does the work which as you can imagine pisses Natasha off no end. So she is somewhat tired today.

Tim decided that he wanted to turn his hand to making a meal using the slow cooker, he has prepared everything it is just chicken legs and veggies with leek all mixed together in the slow cooker. I have never tired leek so have no idea if I like it or not but I am all for giving it a try. I told Tim if he is using the slow cooker he has to get it in and started before lunch so it will be ready for tea time/dinner time.

I have to take back a bottle of Pepsi Max I bought yesterday as when I opened it last night it was flat as, so I rang the store straight away and complained and let them know I would take it back today couldn’t do it yesterday afternoon didn’t feel like going out again. I like to ring straight away so I have no dramas when I take it back the following day.

Ok started this in the am but finishing it in the pm so all I am going to add is that I am now posting and then I will either read some more blogs or answer some letters.

Wet stuff and swimming


After some really hot days we have today quiet cool and very wet, but of course it has to be like that since this morning we had the lounge suite cleaned which of course means I cannot sit in my armchair and put my feet up. I am expecting it to take hours for the lounge to dry also why he was here Tim had him clean the carpet in the lounge and hallway so wet carpet, wet lounge and raining so all in all not feeling a happy chappy.

This morning we went to see nan, yes I know it is Thursday but we have been going on Thursday instead of Wednesday as dad has appointments of Wednesday and mum would feel to rushed if we went to see nan.

Leo starts his swimming lessons tomorrow I hope all goes well for him, I sent Jessica a message reminding her that they start and he will need to take swimmers or boardies for him, I have a beach towel he can take with him.

As everyone might have realised that the photo I posted yesterday was the bed Tim made in his office for Leo to use when he sleeps over, Leo really likes the bed he likes how he can sit up in bed and play his Xbox or watch cartoons.

Appointments & a Bomb Scare, just another day for me


Today we had a not here moment/event, by here I mean in Newcastle in Australia and the thing we didn’t expect to happen was a bomb scare. Yes you read that right, a bomb scare, someone rang in a bomb threat to Blain’s school and the school did post an evacuation notice via the school app but neither Natasha or Jono have the app so only heard about it via Facebook. Ok I think someone mentioned it to Jono and he rang Natasha and she rang the school but it was 2 hours after the event. I told Natasha that she and Jono should get the app and someone should help me get it too.

Of course there was no bomb and the police did a though job of checking the school out, when I picked Blain up and asked him about it, he said it was just a drill so they would know what to do if there was an emergency. I think the school would have told the students that so they would not panic.

In other news Leo went to see his paediatrician, he has grown in height and gained a bit of weight so all good, she also said maybe we will need to increase his midday medication by half a tablet or give him a half tablet when he gets home from school she is going to talk to Jessica about this. Jessica wasn’t able to attend as she had other plans that could not be changed, don’t ask me what I have no idea but she is a grown woman and mother and I don’t need to know everything she does.

So anyway because of his appointment Leo had the day off school, I thought she could had sent him for a couple of hours but she chose not to so he was with me all day.

After school this afternoon Blain wanted me to take him to the shops so he could buy his mum a birthday present, he had saved up his pocket money to get her something, he bought her a watch he couldn’t get a dark blue on so instead he bought a pick one, he also bought her a cushion with a smiley face on it. He even had enough money to buy himself some action figures, Superman, Spiderman & Batman he likes his super heroes.

It has been a hot day, not stinking hot, just normal hot but still felt it while sitting in the car waiting for Blain to get out.

That’s all for today’s post.

It’s Monday and I have nothing


Well hello February, and what a nice hot day it is to start off the new month, this morning I handed in the note and money for Leo to have swimming lessons this term at school he will be going on Fridays. I hope he likes it as it cost $88 for the swimming an even if he decides he doesn’t want to do it his mum can’t get her money back, yes Jessica paid for the swimming I was just the one to go to the school and hand over the money. Also when I was at the office I asked if they had EFTPOS but no had to have cash, lucky I had the cash on me and was able to get the money out of the account later.

I found a couple flag posts in my unposted blog posts folder, so today I will use one of them, why because my gut hurts and I am feeling so bloody tired and really my brain feels like it is too much work to think about stuff today.

United-Nations flag

So we have the United Nations Flag, the 24th of October is Untied Nations Day and on that day the flag is flown here in Australia. If there is only one flagpole it replaces the Australian flag for the day.

The United Nations was founded on the 24th October 1945 and Australia was one of the original 50 nation signatories. There are currently 193 members of the United Nations.

Australia has been an active member of the United Nations and its various agencies and has contributed military and police forces to a number of peace-keeping missions.

Australia was one of the 16 United Nations member countries that participated in the 1950-53 Korean Conflict in support of South Korea.