Viewing a body, is not for me


Ok last week I mentioned that my brother in-law passed away, last night while talking to mum she mentioned that there would be a viewing of his body today this brought up a memory of a couple of different blogs that I have read where the writer said they had viewed the body of a loved on and both bloggers said it was not something they would do again. They said that it wasn’t like it is in movies or TV shows the body was kind of grey and was not how they wanted to remember their loved one.

So I put he question of Facebook and some said it was a good experience but most said it was not something they would recommend. I think a lot has to do with the funeral people, some may take more care with the body, making it look less dead and more like sleeping peacefully. I, however, would not like to view a body but that is just me.

In fact the only deceased person I have ever seen was Tim’s mum, she was still in the hospital when we arrived in Sydney she had only been gone a short time.

For those who are interested my brother in-law died of a massive stroke in his sleep last Monday night, I guess that is an ok way to go, he just went to sleep and died while asleep.


2 thoughts on “Viewing a body, is not for me

  1. My condolences to you and your family. Like you, I prefer that my last memory of seeing my passed-on loved one be that of when he/she was still alive, not pumped full of formaldehyde and eyelids sewn closed. But to each their own.

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