Just another Saturday

Well it is now around 5pm on Saturday afternoon, it has been another hot day temps around 30°c and what have I done all day, well I went for a walk when I got up around 7.30am then I pegged out Natasha’s washing and threw a load in to wash for myself before reading some blogs not too many only about 20-24 then Tim wanted to set off cockroach bombs so we went out.

Oh yeah Jessica came and picked up Leo and Natasha she drove Natasha to Charlie to do some shopping while Tim and I went out for lunch then to look at caravans, lunch was nice but didn’t find a caravan to our liking and in our price range.

I spent some time watching telly this afternoon breaking to unpack the dishwasher and then have a nice relaxing bath. When I came out after my bath Tim was watching some bloody TV show about animals, so now I have decided to write a post because I am not interested in what he is watching.

Yesterday Tim got the results of his blood test, he is diabetic but only just and was told he should be able to control it by diet alone, I am not so sure, but we will see as it is Tim’s diet is pretty good not like mine.

Just been looking at stuff on Facebook and saw this bucket list thing, which is interesting but you know I don’t have a bucket list, I am not one to plan things or think I want to do this or that before I kick the bucket. How about you do you have a bucket list, if so is it a written list that you cross stuff off or just a thought in your head about things you would like to do.

Do you ever look at your life and regret things you have done, or not done. I am sure there are things in my life that I regret but right now I can’t think of a single thing. I really do not think most people can get through ones life without some regret, why because when we are young we do silly things, sometimes dangerous things, things when we think back we might think what the hell was I thinking.

Have you ever laid in bed at night and thought about how cool it would be if someone gave you three wishes and you about what you would wish for, I have but then I realise three wishes wouldn’t do me any good as the things I would wish for are not material things, I don’t want to have endless amount of money or win the lottery/lotto. Although it would be cool if my mum was to win millions, not going to happen but would me nice.


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