Bloody hell it’s hot, so you get a post about the heat, Blain’s friends and my brother in-law

Well hello everyone it is Thursday afternoon here in Newie, temp while I was sitting in the car waiting for Blain this afternoon was 48°c, yeah talk about hot, hot enough to melt or cook an egg. I am glad to be home in my nice cool air conditioned house, and yes I do have an air conditioned car but I do not sit with the motor running in the car while I am waiting for the boys. I will tell you who doesn’t have air conditioning working in her car, Natasha that is who.

Yesterday I wanted to do a post but with going to see nan and then to the shops and what not, didn’t get it done before I had to leave to pick the boys up and when I got home from getting them I got stuck into mum’s ironing. Yes mum’s ironing, she has difficulty doing it lately and it was piling up so I offered to bring a basket home and do it for her, it was all dad’s shirts well there was 3 items belonging to mum but the rest was dad’s shirts.

This afternoon I have both Blain and Leo here although they are both outside playing, Blain wanted to go and see why his friend wasn’t at school. Although I don’t think the friend is that much of a friend, as I have mentioned before his “friends” have ditched him and yesterday this one so called friend got pissed with Blain told him he was wasting his time and punched him. Blain came home upset and was crying and such. However, today Blain thinks it will all be good so he and Leo went to see the friend and Leo came back upset not sure what happened but both boys are home now and gone off to play Xbox.

In other news heard of Tuesday night that my brother in-law (Mick) died, his sisters found him at his flat dead in bed, he had died in his sleep, what he died of is as yet unknown, well unknown by me I suspect that an autopsy will be done due to it being a sudden death.

Now I was never that close to Mick I liked him, he had faults but who doesn’t, his marriage to my sister didn’t last very long she left him for his cousin but really I know nothing about why she left him or what went wrong. I know that he was a big part of her life and the lives of her children for many years, my sister and Mick had an on/off relationship right up till the got married and then it went downhill.

My sister had been told that his family do not want her to attend his funeral, which I think is wrong but she has said if it is going to cause trouble she will not attend. However, one of his sisters has said it is ok, she is hi wife and if she wants to attend she can, so she will be going to the funeral.  Also I am annoyed that she found out about his passing via Facebook, yeah no one bothered to ring her and tell her she read about it on Facebook (according to mum).

Well I am going to post this and then sit back and watch some telly for a bit as it is too hot to do much of anything, although I did manage to do a load of washing get it on the line and dried and not have got it off the line and yeah it was bloody hot outside doing that.


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