Just Another Tuesday

I have to get a new battery for my mouse, well I think that is the problem even that or the mouse is stuffed, I find after I stop using it for a bit it kinda freezes and I have to move it about and wait 3-5 minutes before it starts working again and that is so bloody annoying.

Well it is another stinking bloody hot day here in Newie, this morning after I took Leo to school I went to the doctors, I had an appointment for yesterday at 9.30am but forgot about it till I got a message via message bank 101 on the house phone about how I missed it, anyway when I got the message I rang the surgery and made another appointment for today at 9.30am but when I get there, there is no record of an appointment for this morning, I made another appointment for next Monday.

So since Tim is at work all day when I got home I parked the car in the carport where Tim usually parks his motorbike, however, due to the rubbish bins being there I was a bit far over on the neighbours side, but she no longer has a car, although she has two daughters with cars who often turn up during the day, but I thought if they wanted me to move the car all they have to do is ask. I only parked there because of how bloody hot it is, and the fact that I knew I would have to go out again. Although I didn’t think I would be going out till I had to leave to get the boys from school, but as she is leaving for work Natasha asks if I could go to Coles and get her some chocolate milk and of course not any chocolate milk but Oak she will not drink any other brand and of course Oak is the most expensive brand.

Ok I had to stop writing and go pick up the boys from school, I couldn’t find Leo he wasn’t waiting were he is suppose to wait, he said it was because I forgot to tell him this morning and he is right I did forget and yes it is only the second week of me getting him from the back gate, so partly my fault.

Of course when he got into the car the fighting with Blain started over nothing and continued till I dropped him off at his place. Also had Natasha on the phone going off about something, not sure what but something happened at school with Blain, nothing serious but I think he got into some kind of trouble at school. This I know because he took his mum off speaker so I couldn’t hear what she was saying.

Before I left to go to the school I put a couple of chicken gordon bleu in the oven on low as I am getting hungry I didn’t have breakfast so had brunch instead and that was 5 hours ago so feeling like food. I am doing some roast potatoes with it only the frozen ones so no work just out of freezer into air-fryer, I do like my air-fryer much quicker then the oven.

In other news today I wore a short dress over a pair of shorts not an outfit I wear very often as usually if I am home I am in shorts and T-shirt if I am going out I wear ¾ pants and T-shirt.


2 thoughts on “Just Another Tuesday

    1. At least the doctors surgery was ok with me forgetting about the appointment, some of them can be really pissy with you if you forget. By the time I get home today I expect I will be so feeling like food again

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