Me,My Boys & Egg-flips

Me and Blain

Hi everyone, I have not been 100% the last couple of days, this morning at 10am I ended up going back to bed for what turned out to be 3 hours because I was just not with it. Anyway I am starting to feel more like me and less like not me, and yeah I know how much sense that makes but what the hell, if you know me you know I often don’t make a lot of sense.

I think the fact that today started out overcast and some what wet contributed to me feeling like shit but that is the past and what is the point of living in the past, the time to live in is the here and now, not the past nor the future. You may think how can someone live in the future, well if a body is always trying to predict what is going to happen they are trying to live in the future. Also no point in going around thinking “what if”, that achieves nothing.

As all who know me I am a drifter, not thinking too much if at all about the future, yes I look forward to things that I know will happen in the future such as a planned holiday or event. However, I usually just take each day as I find it and roll with the flow, I can tell you that when I wake up I am a get dressed straight away person, I know some people like my mum who wanders around in her nightie for a while after getting up, me not so much the longest I seem to stay in my nightie is maybe 5-10minutes after getting up.

Leo Finger

Also were some people like to have a cup of coffee or tea after getting up I like a drink of Pepsi Max or Coke Zero first thing, my daughter Natasha goes off at me saying I should have milk or juice first thing but recently and by recently I mean now as I write this, I have realised that it is just how I get started for the day and I will be telling her this and telling her to back off.

In other news damn Leo is growing up, so is Blain come to think of it, but first Leo then Blain, so Leo is now really good to drop off at school I just drive to the drop off zone and he gets out and goes and this morning instead of going to the drop off zone I went to the back gate and dropped him off and he was great a kiss and a hug and he was gone. Of an afternoon I will be going to the back gate and going in to get him this saves me like 5 minutes or maybe a bit more as by going to the back gate I don’t get stuck at two sets of traffic lights.

Now onto Blain last week he asked me if he could go to a friends house after school, he wanted to ride his scooter to his friends place and I know for many that would be so what no big deal but being the first time he wanted to do this me and his mum was a bit worried. However, since Tim and I bought the boys 2-ways aka walkie talkie for Christmas I said I would like him to take one with him and he did or should say does as he goes up to his friends place most afternoons and I can tell Blain likes taking them he checks in when he is half way there and then again when he arrives and if his friend isn’t home he lets me know he is coming home, have to say one of the best things Tim has suggested.

Speaking of Blain this afternoon he asked me if I knew how to make him a milkshake and of course I do, I said it is just milk, ice cream and flavouring and I can add an egg as well. He naturally turned his nose up at adding an egg but guess what I added an egg and didn’t tell him, you can not taste the egg but it gives you a lot of good stuff and turns a normal milkshake into a much healthier milkshake. My mum use to make egg-flips all the time when I was a child and I made them for my girls when they wouldn’t eat much. He has now had 2 egg-flips one chocolate and one strawberry.


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