A Post About Footwear or Lack Thereof

What a Tuesday I have had, what have I done?

Nothing much at all, but it has been another bloody hot day here in Newie.

Anyway been thinking today about how I don’t wear shoes inside my home but also cannot go barefoot outside of the home.

While at home I just walk around barefoot or in winter I will wear socks inside. However, I do not like to even walk just outside the front door to the seat to sit and talk to Natasha or Tim while they are smoking without shoes on my feet.

This made me think about when did I start to wear thongs, I don’t remember, I may ask mum when I speak to her tonight or tomorrow. The thing is that Natasha and Jessica wear thongs a lot and Kathy does as well but Kathy is more a flat shoe type of person, whereas her sisters are not.

Natasha for many years was one of those girls who would wear heels all the bloody time except when she was at home. Now, however, she wears thongs a lot and she wears joggers a lot she needs to wear enclosed shoes for walk like most people.

Jessica use to wear super high platform shoes but now she wears a semi-flat enclosed shoe most of the time.

My niece Kelli doesn’t like wearing shoes at all even when she goes shopping, at times she will put on a pair of shoes but they end up annoying her and she takes them off and walks around barefoot.

Of course all children are expect to wear the proper footwear to school, here is is usually black shoes with either white or grey socks, been that way as long as I can remember. However, when my mum was a school girl she didn’t school shoes in fact she didn’t shoes to school at all till she started high school. Now days we can’t imagine sending our child to school barefoot even if it was allowed.

Now back to what I was saying about thongs, I wear thongs a lot have done most of my life but out of my 4 grandchildren, none, zero,nadda wear thongs which to be honest is somewhat annoying as thongs are pretty cheap to buy and allow the foot to breathe and sweat and are in my opinion pretty good. Unless you are doing a lot of walking then not so good for me, I find if I was to try walking any distance in thongs my calves start to ache, my sister Sandra was saying only last Friday that she has the same problem if she tries to walk a distance in thongs.

My feet sweat a lot so I do like to be barefoot, but also because of how much my feet sweat I have to wear socks or stockings with my shoes (except thongs) or I will end up with blisters on my feet. In fact the last week or so I have been wearing booties to bed because I have this one toenail that keeps catching on the sheets and I feel if I am not careful I will end up with torn sheets.

So do you wear thongs?

While at home do you wear some kind of footwear?


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