It’s Monday and it’s hot and I am oh so tired

Hello all it is now Monday and yes I know I have not posted since Thursday but Friday I am busy as and over the weekend I am doing other stuff like answering letter which I have had to do by hand as my printer is out of ink and yes I have been asking Tim for money to get the ink for like 2 months but the other day while doing a letter it stop and came up with a message saying I was out of black ink,

It is another bloody hot day here in Newie, this morning when my alarm went off I didn’t want to get up and in fact decided to lay there for 5 minutes more which of course turned into 30 minutes.

When I did manage to drag myself out of bed I naturally got dressed and went for a walk but had to cut it short as I was so very tired, when I was only a few feet from the back gate Leo came running out asking if I was ok and saying he was glad that I came back home safely.

I wanted to go to the library today but just couldn’t get motivated to do anything, the house although is nice and clean but that is thanks to Natasha who cleaned and vacuumed out complaining about one thing after another.

Tim is off work today he put in for a sick day as he didn’t get home till 2.30am and had to go and have blood taken, he is being tested for diabetes.

I of course will have to go and get the boys from school in an hour or so, I can tell you I really want to go to sleep but of course don’t have time to do that and by the time I get back from getting the boys it will be too late in the day for a nap.

We all know that it was Valentine’s Day yesterday and you know what I did, I made a chicken and bacon pasta bake for lunch, although Natasha was unable to be here for lunch as she was working doing rail. Tim and I don’t do anything for Valentine’s Day as a rule and yesterday was the same, Tim always says he doesn’t need a special day to show me he loves me and for the most part I agree.

29 years ago Tim said I gave him the best Valentine’s Day present ever, aka, Natasha she was born at around 11pm on Valentine’s Day weight 7lb 13oz she was my biggest baby and my smallest daughter now she is only 4’7” and oh so tiny.

Let’s go back to Leo for a moment he told me on the way to school that he thinks I am the best nanna, so soft and cuddly and kind and loving and he likes me taking him to school.

Yesterday afternoon Jessica rang me crying that her house was disgusting and had mould everywhere and she didn’t know how to clean it so I went over and helped her out, there was not much mould at all and the way she carried on was ridiculous. I got mad with her and told her to get a grip she wasn’t helping and really how hard is it to clean. Both Natasha and I have suggested to her that she might want to pay someone to come in and clean her house for a couple of hours a fortnight, to which she says “I don’t want strangers in my house” ok then start doing it yourself. She wants to pay Natasha to clean but since Natasha is a cleaner from Monday to Friday she doesn’t want to clean on the weekend she would just rather chill and do nothing. I get that but I don’t think Jessica does.

Damn I am feeling unwell, I really want to sleep but can’t I have to leave in 15 minutes to go get the boys from school.


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