Grandparents prayer

Many years ago I took my grandparents for granted, they were always there, I spent a fair amount of time with them as a child, in fact just after I was born my parents lived with mum’s parents for a few months. 

Of course you all know that I try and go to see my nanna each week, she will be 95 this year and even though I love her and like going to see her, it would be a blessing if she passed away as she has no life she just exists from day to day. 

It wasn’t till I became a grandparent that I realised how wonderful it is to have grandchildren, I love all 4 of mine the same and different at the same time. As most will know I now have my eldest grandson Blain living here with me and pappa (Tim) and of course his mum. 

So this is a post for grandparents.


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