Wet stuff and swimming


After some really hot days we have today quiet cool and very wet, but of course it has to be like that since this morning we had the lounge suite cleaned which of course means I cannot sit in my armchair and put my feet up. I am expecting it to take hours for the lounge to dry also why he was here Tim had him clean the carpet in the lounge and hallway so wet carpet, wet lounge and raining so all in all not feeling a happy chappy.

This morning we went to see nan, yes I know it is Thursday but we have been going on Thursday instead of Wednesday as dad has appointments of Wednesday and mum would feel to rushed if we went to see nan.

Leo starts his swimming lessons tomorrow I hope all goes well for him, I sent Jessica a message reminding her that they start and he will need to take swimmers or boardies for him, I have a beach towel he can take with him.

As everyone might have realised that the photo I posted yesterday was the bed Tim made in his office for Leo to use when he sleeps over, Leo really likes the bed he likes how he can sit up in bed and play his Xbox or watch cartoons.


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