Appointments & a Bomb Scare, just another day for me


Today we had a not here moment/event, by here I mean in Newcastle in Australia and the thing we didn’t expect to happen was a bomb scare. Yes you read that right, a bomb scare, someone rang in a bomb threat to Blain’s school and the school did post an evacuation notice via the school app but neither Natasha or Jono have the app so only heard about it via Facebook. Ok I think someone mentioned it to Jono and he rang Natasha and she rang the school but it was 2 hours after the event. I told Natasha that she and Jono should get the app and someone should help me get it too.

Of course there was no bomb and the police did a though job of checking the school out, when I picked Blain up and asked him about it, he said it was just a drill so they would know what to do if there was an emergency. I think the school would have told the students that so they would not panic.

In other news Leo went to see his paediatrician, he has grown in height and gained a bit of weight so all good, she also said maybe we will need to increase his midday medication by half a tablet or give him a half tablet when he gets home from school she is going to talk to Jessica about this. Jessica wasn’t able to attend as she had other plans that could not be changed, don’t ask me what I have no idea but she is a grown woman and mother and I don’t need to know everything she does.

So anyway because of his appointment Leo had the day off school, I thought she could had sent him for a couple of hours but she chose not to so he was with me all day.

After school this afternoon Blain wanted me to take him to the shops so he could buy his mum a birthday present, he had saved up his pocket money to get her something, he bought her a watch he couldn’t get a dark blue on so instead he bought a pick one, he also bought her a cushion with a smiley face on it. He even had enough money to buy himself some action figures, Superman, Spiderman & Batman he likes his super heroes.

It has been a hot day, not stinking hot, just normal hot but still felt it while sitting in the car waiting for Blain to get out.

That’s all for today’s post.


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