It’s Monday and I have nothing


Well hello February, and what a nice hot day it is to start off the new month, this morning I handed in the note and money for Leo to have swimming lessons this term at school he will be going on Fridays. I hope he likes it as it cost $88 for the swimming an even if he decides he doesn’t want to do it his mum can’t get her money back, yes Jessica paid for the swimming I was just the one to go to the school and hand over the money. Also when I was at the office I asked if they had EFTPOS but no had to have cash, lucky I had the cash on me and was able to get the money out of the account later.

I found a couple flag posts in my unposted blog posts folder, so today I will use one of them, why because my gut hurts and I am feeling so bloody tired and really my brain feels like it is too much work to think about stuff today.

United-Nations flag

So we have the United Nations Flag, the 24th of October is Untied Nations Day and on that day the flag is flown here in Australia. If there is only one flagpole it replaces the Australian flag for the day.

The United Nations was founded on the 24th October 1945 and Australia was one of the original 50 nation signatories. There are currently 193 members of the United Nations.

Australia has been an active member of the United Nations and its various agencies and has contributed military and police forces to a number of peace-keeping missions.

Australia was one of the 16 United Nations member countries that participated in the 1950-53 Korean Conflict in support of South Korea.


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