Canberra day 2 of 2

So yesterday you got day 1 of my 2 day stay in Canberra so today you get day 2, this is our third night here and wow has it cooled down this afternoon, after yet another stinking bloody hot feel like one could melt day it is now lovely. Tim just opened all the windows in the cabin and the breeze is lovely.

I just told Tim if we are just going home tomorrow and not doing any sight seeing first I may not bother with a shower as I just don’t feel like it.

My feet (2)

I think I might have mentioned last night that my feet are getting so sore after only a couple of hours wearing my joggers this is new I used to be able to wear them pretty much all day without a problem. Now after only a couple of hours my toes curl and my feet swell up and near my big toe on my right foot becomes quiet sore. I hope I am not getting a bunion I will have to ask mum if the women in the family are prone to bunions.

Anyway what did we do today, we went to the railway museum and then we drove out to check out a chocolate factory took 35 minutes to get there only to find they are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday what a shit. Of course Jessica had to complain that I didn’t bother to check if they were open.

We then went to KFC for lunch which was ok, then we went to check out the Australian War Memorial which I loved if only my feet and back didn’t hurt so much from the walking. I think Leo liked it more or less and Jessica well let me ask her, she said it was alright. Leo thought the tanks were awesome.

Tea/dinner tonight was fried egg on a bread rolls with cream cheese something I quiet like, would had been better if we had bacon but didn’t so no use complaining about it as Jessica would say she wanted to buy bacon. I finished off my wine lasted me two nights so not too bad. Jessica made herself scrambled eggs and Leo had cocktail frankfurts and nuttlea sandwiches, Tim made himself a sandwich but only ate half of it.

So that is all I have for this post, still no photos because of limited internet.

Canberra Day 1 of 2

Hi all it is now Monday afternoon and what a full day we have had, I woke Jessica at around 8ish to go to Macca’s for breakfast before we headed to the dinosaur museum only to find they didn’t open till 10am so we ended up going to Cockington Green which is garden with miniature buildings it wasn’t free though and we had to pay $19.50 per adult and $11.50 for Leo, if you are interested in knowing more go here:

Thankfully Cockington Green was pretty much across the road from the dinosaur museum, of course the main reason for the trip was to go to the dinosaur museum as Leo loves dinosaurs, Leo also too his toy dinosaur “Harris” with him to the museum to check it out. His mum also bought him a large green plush dinosaur who he has named Green Arrow Leefin Meadows. Harris doesn’t have middle name as when Leo got Harris 6 years ago he didn’t know about middle names and it is too late now to give him one, according to Leo. Jessica also bought a plush dinosaur for her collection who is called Roar-Roar Roar Meadows

We finished off our sight seeing with a trip to the Royal Australian Mint where they make our coins the paper money is firstly not made out of paper but polymer is printed in Melbourne.

While at the mint my feet started to really hurt, and I ended up taking my shoes off and walking around with just my socks on, something I would not have dreamed of doing a few years back but I have reached the age where I chose comfort first fashion second.

So when we called in at Coles (supermarket) I didn’t bother putting my shoes back on and felt ok walking in just my socks, I could have tried walking barefoot but I don’t like that just saying. Socks I am ok with barefoot not so much unless of course when I am home where in summer I rarely wear any type of footwear. Tim said I should had worn my thongs but no thank you I find that the thongs I have also hurt me feet after a short while.

So now we are back at the cabin, Leo is in bedroom playing with his toys and Jessica is reading via her ipad and Tim is reading his bible and I am writing a blog post, with no tv on as background noise. Wow how things have changed wasn’t too long ago both Tim and I liked to have the tv on for background noise now both of us have times when we like the quiet, I do more then Tim but he is beginning to like the quiet more and more.

Sunday spent travelling which means I am buggered just saying

Hello bloggers, it is now Sunday in my part of the world and what a Sunday I have had, spent most of the day napping in the passenger seat while Tim drove us and by us I mean me, him, Jessica and Leo to Canberra. Ok we are not in Canberra we are at Queanbeyan which is about 20 minutes from Canberra.

Why are we here you are wondering, or maybe you are thinking what Jo-Anne you’re having another holiday. Yes we are having a short break away, Jessica wanted to do something for Leo’s birthday and I found a deal on Scoopon for pretty cheap tickets into the Dinosaur Museum and we all know that Leo loves dinosaurs.

It took about 4 hours to drive from home to here, Leo was good on the trip but he is bit full on at the moment because we didn’t think to give him his Ritalin on the way here and when we arrived it was too late in the afternoon to give it to him. We have an hour and half before we can give him his night time medication.

We are staying at Riverside Tourist Park, in a cabin, the cabin is ok although I think the air con could be better, but over all not to bad cost is $95 per night for the 4 of us. I packed sheets and when I went to make the bed I discovered that I packed single bed sheets.

Ok since I am tired I am and really don’t feel like doing much of anything I will just post this and see you all tomorrow, oh while away I will not be reading blog post since have to limit what I do online due to limited internet time.

Hey Hey it’s Saturday


Hey hey it’s Saturday, and what a Saturday, I woke up at 2.45am to go to the toilet and as I do every time I get up during the night I glanced out the window and couldn’t see Natasha’s car, she parks on the front lawn near the front door and her car was not there. I even walked out to the lounge room and checked outside and no her car was not there.

She got home around 3am and like many people she likes to sit up watch a little telly before she goes to bed, so she has not had a lot of sleep today, she was up with Blain around 7am. I asked her why she was so late home, the answer she was asked to do another job at the last minute and so she was really late.

Tasha and I went over to Jessica’s place for lunch, she was having a bit of a party for Leo who turned 8 on Friday, there was only family at the party and all she did in way of food was buy fish and chips.

Blain said before we left he didn’t want to go but Natasha had a talk to him and basically said you’re going so, I told him to suck it up and deal. Of course once we got there he was find running around playing with his cousins and had a good time.

Kathy looked uncomfortable she said she felt like she didn’t fit in, she sounded like her dad, Tim often says he doesn’t fit in when we go to my parents place, maybe it was because Jess, Kelli and a friend Jess has staying with her were loud and having a good time. Natasha was also quiet but I think that had a bit to do with the fact she only had a couple of hours sleep and was so tired.

Since coming home Blain and Tasha have been watching movies and eating popcorn, it has been a nice warmish day.

Five Things Friday No:1

Hi all found this tucked into the passenger window of my car today after I had done my shopping, the writing looks familiar but I can’t place it. I just showed it to Tim and he said he doesn’t get it, and wanted to know who left it and why, I said I have no idea.

2016-01-08 17.00.41.jpg

Speaking of Tim he came home from work early, he changed the oil in the motorbike last week and left the oil in the oil tray and before he could empty it, it rained as I said in earlier posts it pissed down rain and was very windy and the oil ended up all over the carport, so today he came home early and has been out cleaning it up.

Ok this is the first Friday of the month, oh no its not its the seconded, well any way first five things Friday. So here are this weeks five things.

A sick father, yet again

Blain, Daemon and Leo in trouble

Cold, hot, cold, warm, hot, cool

6 birthdays this month


Thursday = Poem Day

Starting this week I am going to have Thursday as poem day, instead of writing a post I am going to share different poems I have come across, none will be by me as I can’t write poems and no I have never tried but sometimes you don’t have to try something to know you can’t do it, such as fly a plane or brain surgery…………….just saying

Letter from Heaven

A birthday, rain, wrong medication and nothing much else


Ok after talking about it for ages my mum rang and booked their cruise today, the cruise is at the end of May and we are going to Fiji and yes I said we, Tim and I are going on the cruise as well which is why I am so excited.

It has been another coldish and very wet day, this morning I had to pop out to return some items to the library and also had to go and pick up the application form for Natasha to go back on the waiting list for another Dept of Housing place. The tenancy officer for the place she gave up her the forms but she stuffed it up filling it our and had me go to get another lot of forms.

We have Leo here for the night at the moment it is just him and me here as both Tim and Natasha are at work, neither of them will be home till sometime after Leo and I have gone to bed. I also made sure Jessica gave Leo his medication before dropping him off and as such he has been good.

Tim made arrangements for an electrician to come and install the ceiling fan in Natasha’s room he said something about Thursday well that is what I heard, Tim hasn’t been too clear with me but you can bet that somehow it will be me who didn’t listen and not him who didn’t explain.

Yesterday I mentioned how I had to go back to bed after only being up for a few hours and that I slept for 2 hours, well last night as I got my night time medication I discovered that I took the night time medication in the morning, which is why I was so tired. I have 3 tablets that cause drowsiness well let’s be honest I am not drowsy I get down right tired which is why I take them at night.

I make my weeks medication up in one of those 7 days containers that have morning and night and I somehow managed to take the wrong lot.

It is my niece Temika’s 6th birthday today, she had wanted to go camping but that didn’t happen with all this rain. I hope she had a good birthday anyway.

Fun Day Monday or maybe not

Ir's Monday

It’s fun day Monday, ok it’s not but it sounded good to say/write it.

This Monday I woke up to rain not drizzle not showers, not just rain but pissing down rain so no morning walk for me.

What really sucked was that after only a couple of hours I was sitting watching telly when Natasha looks at me and tells me that I should go back to bed as I look like I could fall asleep, at first I said no I would be ok but then I thought why am I forcing myself to stay awake when I could go back to bed for a nap so that is what I did. I ended up sleeping for two hours and have felt a bit more with it since I woke up the second time.

Being that it has rained pretty much all day I have not done much of anything, read a couple of dozen blogs or maybe a bit more. Now I thought I might find something to write about and what did I come up with. Nothing much that’s what.

I can tell you that on the 3rd January 1815 France, the United Kingdom and Austria formed an alliance against Russia and Prussia, did you know that I didn’t just saying.

I can tell you that on the 3rd of January 1496 Leonardo DaVinci unsuccessfully tested a flying a machine, did you know that, I didn’t just saying.

Also on the 3rd January the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge began.

Lastly on the 3rd of January 1959 Alaska became the 49th state of the United States of America

I am home alone for a few hours till Tim gets home from work around 6ish I think, Natasha left for work around 2ish so I get a few hours to myself.

A wet and boring Sunday

Rainy Sunda

Oh what a Sunday I have had, this morning I read some blogs and then Tim said he wanted to go and check out a caravan ok it wasn’t local it was a 40 minute drive away, so we go and the van looked ok but Tim has a bit of knowledge with vans and as it was a pop top van so Tim goes over it well which is good he knew what he was looking for. He wanted to check how old the sleeve was and he said it was the original sleeve and since the van was a 1988 van that is pretty old and he said he could tell by the feel of it that it will need replacing. There were a few other things that would need to be repaired and in the end he thought it was too much work needed on it so he didn’t want to pay $6,000 for it. He also noticed that the plate of the van said 1984 but the rego papers said it was a 1988 van, have no idea what was with that.

On our way home we stopped at a few car yards to check out cars and at the third car yard I found I was unable to stand my back was aching so much, my arm was aching a lot and my balance was shot. So the next couple of car yards I stayed in the car while Tim checked out what they had, we didn’t find anything.

When I got home I was so tired that I took some pain medication and the medication for my tremor and went to bed for a nap, I slept for 2 hours then got up and sorted out the medication which I do each Sunday afternoon.

On the way home Tim says its raining ahead and in about 2 minutes we entered the rain the closer we get to home the more it rained in fact it was pissing down by the time we got home.

I would like to tell everyone that after my nap I felt better but in truth that would be a lie I work up feeling like shit still.

Speaking of feeling like shit, Natasha had been feeling pretty crook the last couple of days, I hope she feels better tomorrow as she has to work tomorrow night and every night for the rest of the week.