76 and going strong

It was on this day way back in the year of 1940 that an amazing woman was born, in the town of Parkes in the state of New South Wales. She was the first child of Florence Muriel Torrens and Mervyn James Townsend, she has a brother Ronnie and had a sister Dianne.

Her parents separated when she was about 4 and later divorced, after they separated she went to live with her grandmother in the town of Byabarra which is a small country town near Wauchope in New South Wales. She lived with her grandmother till around the age of 14, when her grandmother died.

When she was about 10 her mum remarried, her step father was Ronald Francis James, who for most of her life she thought of as just her dad, she lost contact with her father Mervyn when she as about 14. However, on the 24th May 1997 she met her father Mervyn again after around 50 years, he was living in Blayney in New South Wales she was lucky she didn’t wait any longer to track him down as he died in October 1997.

For most of her life she has been called Mae, spelt with an e not a y she would say I am not a month, Mae is also the middle name of her youngest daughter and it is also the middle name of that daughters eldest daughter along with my granddaughter who is Sydney-May with a Y but that is ok.

To celebrate her birthday all her children popped over for lunch, we bought fish and chips and I bought a cake from Coles just a $5 sponge cake and mum opened a bottle of wine the wine I like so I had two glasses of wine but I didn’t have to drive so all good there.

Now even though mum is now 76 that doesn’t mean she will not be driving children to day care, or school and such, nope no rest for mum, she even has Landon this afternoon/evening while my brother and sister in-law went I think fishing but not really sure about that.

Ok that is it for this post I want to sit back and watch some telly.


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