Boring Thursday Just Saying

Well hello everyone on this somewhat sticky Thursday afternoon, this morning mum and I went to see nanna, we took Denni with us this was the first time we have taken Denni. She is only 3 and such a quiet little one not like her big sister Temika who is a right little chatter box. Nan was about the same sleeping mostly, saying most stuff we can’t make out with the odd word here and there like “Ron” “Jo” and sometimes “Mavis” although I think when she says Mavis she is thinking of her sister not her daughter.

Well the boys and Sydney-May have gone back to school today when I picked up the boys I asked them if they had a good day who is their new teacher you know the usual stuff Blain said he doesn’t go into a new class till Monday and Leo said he had a so so day, he has a male teacher but couldn’t remember his name.

Last night when I was talking to mum about how I do not understand a child wanting to miss the first day of the school year, this is the day you find out your class and who your teacher is and when in high school you get your time table for either the term or the year. I think if you miss the first day you are kind of lost.

Speaking of mum made me remember she got a phone call on Tuesday telling her that Dawson would not be going back today he goes back tomorrow, Dawson was a bit worried he asked her is it just me or everyone in my class that goes back tomorrow. Mum reassured him that it would be all the class not just him, she is worried about how he is going to do at this new school as he doesn’t handle change very well at all.

On Tuesday when we all went to mum & dad’s for breakfast mum heard him telling Leo and Blain not to swear, you do not swear at that house and you do not swear around his little sister and cousin. Now when Dawson was little he went through a stage when he tried swearing but his nanna (my mum) told him it is rude and that her and pop do not use that type of language and neither should he. He would hear his mum and poppy Robert yelling and swearing at each other and thought it was normal, his nan & pop soon taught him that it is not normal and it’s not polite to swear and he stopped didn’t happen over night but after a few months of being told not to swear he got it. Yes he may still swear when he is talking to his mum or maybe school mates and that is fine as long as he knows not to do it around young children and older people.

This morning Natasha said she thought Dawson was a bit old for Lego, Dawson loves his Lego and it doesn’t take him long to put them together, any way I tried to explain to Natasha that doing Lego is Dawson’s hobby, some people read, some collect stuff Dawson does Lego. I am not sure if she got it.


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