Another Monday that isn’t that much of a Funday

Hello Monday is it a fun day Monday, well I guess that would depend on the person. It is pretty fun for Blain and Leo they are outside playing handball at the moment, in fact this morning Blain rang and asked if Leo could come over to play for a while.

I overslept this morning it was 8am when I woke up, so didn’t go for a walk as I just couldn’t get motivated to do so, although my arms got a bit of work out. Why you wonder well I did a load of washing and when I went to get it out of the machine and peg it out on the line it was all covered in white fluff, looks like someone left a tissue in a pocket. So that meant I had to shake the clothes out as I was hanging them up.

This is the last week of school holidays here, school goes back on Thursday so there is only two days of school this week, first time is for 10 weeks, for those who do not know our school year runs from January to December and there are 4 school terms a year each for around 10 weeks.

Natasha has gone to work, the boys and in the bedroom playing Xbox and soon Tim will be going out the back to continue to work a project he started yesterday I will show photos of it when he is finished.

Just cooked a home-made pizza I do not know if the boys will eat it but we will see, I used puff pastry for the base and just tomato paste not pizza sauce.


2 thoughts on “Another Monday that isn’t that much of a Funday

  1. I am thoroughly confused by how your school year works. How does the holiday cycle work if you end up with a two day school week? Then again, I didn’t understand the school year when I was going to school. My own work schedule is a mystery to me until someone says, “don’t come to work on Monday.” Isn’t that frustrating when someone leaves a tissue or a piece of paper in the pocket of their laundry? Who is not going to eat a pizza? I don’t care if you make it using phyllo dough and spaghetti sauce, if there’s cheese, it shall be eaten.

    1. I find the American school year confusing, yeah many of don’t get the whole two days of school only but it is the way it is, if is not uncommon for the last day of school to be a Wednesday or Thursday. It is what it is.

      Yeah I do like my pizza, Blain had some Leo said he wasn’t hungry

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