Canberra day 2 of 2

So yesterday you got day 1 of my 2 day stay in Canberra so today you get day 2, this is our third night here and wow has it cooled down this afternoon, after yet another stinking bloody hot feel like one could melt day it is now lovely. Tim just opened all the windows in the cabin and the breeze is lovely.

I just told Tim if we are just going home tomorrow and not doing any sight seeing first I may not bother with a shower as I just don’t feel like it.

My feet (2)

I think I might have mentioned last night that my feet are getting so sore after only a couple of hours wearing my joggers this is new I used to be able to wear them pretty much all day without a problem. Now after only a couple of hours my toes curl and my feet swell up and near my big toe on my right foot becomes quiet sore. I hope I am not getting a bunion I will have to ask mum if the women in the family are prone to bunions.

Anyway what did we do today, we went to the railway museum and then we drove out to check out a chocolate factory took 35 minutes to get there only to find they are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday what a shit. Of course Jessica had to complain that I didn’t bother to check if they were open.

We then went to KFC for lunch which was ok, then we went to check out the Australian War Memorial which I loved if only my feet and back didn’t hurt so much from the walking. I think Leo liked it more or less and Jessica well let me ask her, she said it was alright. Leo thought the tanks were awesome.

Tea/dinner tonight was fried egg on a bread rolls with cream cheese something I quiet like, would had been better if we had bacon but didn’t so no use complaining about it as Jessica would say she wanted to buy bacon. I finished off my wine lasted me two nights so not too bad. Jessica made herself scrambled eggs and Leo had cocktail frankfurts and nuttlea sandwiches, Tim made himself a sandwich but only ate half of it.

So that is all I have for this post, still no photos because of limited internet.


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