Sunday spent travelling which means I am buggered just saying

Hello bloggers, it is now Sunday in my part of the world and what a Sunday I have had, spent most of the day napping in the passenger seat while Tim drove us and by us I mean me, him, Jessica and Leo to Canberra. Ok we are not in Canberra we are at Queanbeyan which is about 20 minutes from Canberra.

Why are we here you are wondering, or maybe you are thinking what Jo-Anne you’re having another holiday. Yes we are having a short break away, Jessica wanted to do something for Leo’s birthday and I found a deal on Scoopon for pretty cheap tickets into the Dinosaur Museum and we all know that Leo loves dinosaurs.

It took about 4 hours to drive from home to here, Leo was good on the trip but he is bit full on at the moment because we didn’t think to give him his Ritalin on the way here and when we arrived it was too late in the afternoon to give it to him. We have an hour and half before we can give him his night time medication.

We are staying at Riverside Tourist Park, in a cabin, the cabin is ok although I think the air con could be better, but over all not to bad cost is $95 per night for the 4 of us. I packed sheets and when I went to make the bed I discovered that I packed single bed sheets.

Ok since I am tired I am and really don’t feel like doing much of anything I will just post this and see you all tomorrow, oh while away I will not be reading blog post since have to limit what I do online due to limited internet time.


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