Hey Hey it’s Saturday


Hey hey it’s Saturday, and what a Saturday, I woke up at 2.45am to go to the toilet and as I do every time I get up during the night I glanced out the window and couldn’t see Natasha’s car, she parks on the front lawn near the front door and her car was not there. I even walked out to the lounge room and checked outside and no her car was not there.

She got home around 3am and like many people she likes to sit up watch a little telly before she goes to bed, so she has not had a lot of sleep today, she was up with Blain around 7am. I asked her why she was so late home, the answer she was asked to do another job at the last minute and so she was really late.

Tasha and I went over to Jessica’s place for lunch, she was having a bit of a party for Leo who turned 8 on Friday, there was only family at the party and all she did in way of food was buy fish and chips.

Blain said before we left he didn’t want to go but Natasha had a talk to him and basically said you’re going so, I told him to suck it up and deal. Of course once we got there he was find running around playing with his cousins and had a good time.

Kathy looked uncomfortable she said she felt like she didn’t fit in, she sounded like her dad, Tim often says he doesn’t fit in when we go to my parents place, maybe it was because Jess, Kelli and a friend Jess has staying with her were loud and having a good time. Natasha was also quiet but I think that had a bit to do with the fact she only had a couple of hours sleep and was so tired.

Since coming home Blain and Tasha have been watching movies and eating popcorn, it has been a nice warmish day.


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