A birthday, rain, wrong medication and nothing much else


Ok after talking about it for ages my mum rang and booked their cruise today, the cruise is at the end of May and we are going to Fiji and yes I said we, Tim and I are going on the cruise as well which is why I am so excited.

It has been another coldish and very wet day, this morning I had to pop out to return some items to the library and also had to go and pick up the application form for Natasha to go back on the waiting list for another Dept of Housing place. The tenancy officer for the place she gave up her the forms but she stuffed it up filling it our and had me go to get another lot of forms.

We have Leo here for the night at the moment it is just him and me here as both Tim and Natasha are at work, neither of them will be home till sometime after Leo and I have gone to bed. I also made sure Jessica gave Leo his medication before dropping him off and as such he has been good.

Tim made arrangements for an electrician to come and install the ceiling fan in Natasha’s room he said something about Thursday well that is what I heard, Tim hasn’t been too clear with me but you can bet that somehow it will be me who didn’t listen and not him who didn’t explain.

Yesterday I mentioned how I had to go back to bed after only being up for a few hours and that I slept for 2 hours, well last night as I got my night time medication I discovered that I took the night time medication in the morning, which is why I was so tired. I have 3 tablets that cause drowsiness well let’s be honest I am not drowsy I get down right tired which is why I take them at night.

I make my weeks medication up in one of those 7 days containers that have morning and night and I somehow managed to take the wrong lot.

It is my niece Temika’s 6th birthday today, she had wanted to go camping but that didn’t happen with all this rain. I hope she had a good birthday anyway.


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