Hey hey it’s Saturday or how to make a toasted sandwich

Hey hey it’s Saturday, and this Saturday has been a bit busy, this morning Tim wanted to go and buy another ceiling fan which we will put in Natasha & Blain’s room and it has a remote with it, it was reduced from $96 down to $59 so a good deal. I just have to find an electrician to install it that I will do either tomorrow or Monday morning.

This afternoon after getting home Tim decided to clean out the car and he said he was going to wash it buy now he is sitting on the lounge and doesn’t look like he is going to move so don’t expect it will get washed today.

Natasha cleaned the bath and shower this morning, they have not looked so clean in a bloody long time she also did all the washing and vacuum out. I will just have to go and get the clothes of the line soonish.

The other day Kathy-Lee was here and asked me to make her a toasted ham and cheese sandwich , so I am making the sandwich and she asks me if my toasted sandwich maker is broken (note I was using it) I tell her no it’s not broken why did she asked and she said because you moved the sandwich from the maker to under the grill. I then explain to her the best way to make a toasted sandwich that has cheese in it.

First you butter the bread and place it butter side down into the toasted sandwich maker and add the ham and cheese and more ham and more cheese then you add the top slice of bread butter side out and close the lid and let it cook till you can just see the cheese starting to ozz out the side of the sandwich, then you move it to under a hot grill and watch carefully till the bread is nice and brown and crunchy then you remove the sandwich place it on a bread bored (has to be wooden) leave it for a few minutes so the cheese sets and doesn’t leak out when you cut the sandwich and also doesn’t burn your mouth when you take a bite.

She didn’t know any of this so she learn something.


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