First no Second post of 2016


Another day another year, or should I say hello 2016.

I spent New Year’s Eve day shopping and the night was spent mostly sleeping. Year long gone are the days when I would stay up to see the new year in, I just can’t be bothered and unless I cam watch fireworks from my back yard I am not interested. Although have to say there has not been any fireworks in my area at all for the last few years which sucks.

Blain has gone to his father’s although I am pretty sure his dad would had worked last night, he is a security guard so he would had spent the evening with Kelli and Daemon and maybe Jessica.

Yes Jessica said she was spending the night with Kelli but she didn’t take Leo with her, I had Leo for the night well when I say the night it was only the night if night starts at 3pm. I still have Leo as I write this at around 11am I have no idea when she will be turning up to claim her son.

Natasha went out for the night with her cousin Samantha and from what I hear she had a great night out.

Leo and I were in bed by just after 8pm he likes me to lay down with him when he goes to bed, if he falls asleep quick I might get up and go back to watching telly but often by the time he is asleep I am also asleep so naturally I don’t get up if I have fallen asleep as well.

Oh yeah it is another nice day here, not too hot at the moment and it felt nice when I went for my morning walk, the last few days I have been able to go extend the distance I walk but I am so exhausted when I get home.

The medication I take to help control the tremor seems to be working yes my hand still shakes just not as much so that is good. The arm though still gets quiet sore and stiff even when I first wake up the arm may feel stiff and sore and it still doesn’t swing when I walk and it still shakes when I walk but overall the medication seems to be helping.



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