Last day of the school year

Well today is the last day of school for the year and both boys Blain & Leo are having the day off, even though teachers will say that lessons are taught right up to the last bell of the day, anyone who has been to school on the last day know that is a load of rubbish. In fact usually students spend the day helping the teachers pack up stuff and many teachers take in DVD’s and the children watch movies.

Yesterday Blain’s school went to the pool for the day, Leo’s school have had a water fun day held at the school and when I picked Leo up yesterday he had a Christmas bag with lollies and toys in which everyone in his class received.

My own girls had the choice of whether they wanted to attend school on the last day of the year as well, sometimes they would go other times they chose to have the day off.

When I was speaking to mum last night she was telling me that my brother asked if she would take the girls (his daughters) to school as well as taking Landon to day care and Dawson to work experience. Dawson wanted to go to his work experience he enjoys it so much.

Now my parents only have a small fart-ass little car and it is difficult to fit me and the two girls in the back seat, Dawson of course will not sit in the back and yeah I know some people might say that Dawson is the child and should sit in the back but to be honest I don’t care I am ok with sitting in the back. This is the thing though when she was trying to explain to Dave that there may not be room for all of us he couldn’t get it, his answer was take Landon’s car seat out to make room which mum would do anyway,as it turned there was plenty of room in the car.

Just had a nap, and Jessica woke be by walking into the bedroom and yelling so that I jumped with fright, not funny Jessica.

So question for the day is do your children go or went to school on the last day of the school year?


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