Christmas Lights

awsome christmas

One of the most visible signs of Christmas in Australia each year is the Christmas Lights displays. A very large number of families display a Christmas light of some type, lighting up their home and saying to all passers by; “Peach on earth and goodwill to all”. It might be a Christmas tree with lights showing through the window. A string of icicle lights are very popular. Possibly a Garden tree covered with a net light or a string of fairy lights.

Some families take Christmas lights to a whole new level each year adding to their collection of Christmas lights decorating their home and the most dedicated even have a collection of Christmas ornaments on display through window boxes.

Multitudes of families travel around these highly decorated homes and get out and walk up to the most interesting homes during December evenings, leading up to Christmas. These outings are fantastic, free, fun-filled outings for families with small children.

Many of the dedicated people that decorate their homes so elegantly with Christmas lighting, to entertain Australia’s children, are so generous with their time that they also collect funds for charity and/or sell raffle tickets.

So do you have Christmas lights at your place?

I do not, I would like to but Tim isn’t so keen and even though I have been asking him to set some up for me he still hasn’t done anything about it. I bought some solar powered lights so no extra high power bills. 


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