Good afternoon I am tired how about you


Good afternoon all, it getting on to 5pm and have to say I have had a exhausting day doing nothing much, I drove the boys to school this morning then went with Natasha to hand in the keys for her house, she is all moved in here now and my house is so cluttered and one can barely move. I would sort it our but Natasha has OCD and can’t handle others going through her stuff so she wants to sort it all out herself.

Natasha is one of those people who doesn’t need a lot of sleep, she gets up as early as 2am and as late as 5am she says she likes the quiet time before Blain gets up and wants her attention. Remember Natasha works nights as a cleaner, well we say nights but she starts in the afternoon and finishes anywhere between 8-12pm.

I also managed to go to the library this morning to return items and borrow more, the library is one of the best ideas around. There is no way I could afford to buy heaps of books I also borrow many recorded books, aka, books on cd which I listen to while I am driving.

Yesterday my mum gave me an early Christmas present a necklace with Scorpio on it which I really like. I also gave her a in loving memory frame for her to put a photo of her dad in and hang it on their Christmas tree, I had two and gave them both to mum but told her to give one to my brother in-law so he can put a photo of his mum in it.

I really need to sort out Christmas presents this weekend, I will be getting a layby out tomorrow and sort through it and I think I might have to return a few items as the child there were bought for is no longer interested in the item, movie, tv show that I bought the toy in, if that makes any sense if not sorry not sure how to explain what I mean.

Well I am going to post this and then go and have a relaxing bath.


6 thoughts on “Good afternoon I am tired how about you

    1. Trying to rest and actually resting seem to be to different things, I keep saying I will rest I will have a day doing nothing but usually doesn’t turn out that way, we have two nights that are child free though Saturday and Sunday nights

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