Monday’s Report

Monday not

Good afternoon everyone, it is now Monday afternoon for me, I had a somewhat busy weekend. Friday was Dawson’s end of year presentation and I as always went thankfully it was held in the morning and I was able to go and do food shopping afterwards and on Saturday I went and did other shopping and paid my layby’s and such.

On Thursday just pasted I went to the appointment with the specialist over at the hospital and got no bloody answers, it is too soon to tell what is really causing the tremor although the doctor has prescribed medication that may help control it this I will pick up this afternoon or tomorrow morning. The chemist I see didn’t stock it and had to order it in so that is why I am late getting it and starting it.

This morning I had to go and have three teeth filled cost us $897 for three fillings and I still need two more done next week. I don’t handle seeing the dentist well, for many years now I find after the stuff they inject to numb you up wears off I start to feel unwell and get a headache and don’t feel like doing much.

Over the weekend Natasha started to move a lot of her stuff in her bed is here now but the fridge, washing machine a lounge and some other stuff is still at her place her dad will move the fridge tomorrow along with the washing machine. She isn’t keeping the washing machine she is just going to move it out of her house and leave it on the side of the road someone will claim it, her fridge is coming here though.

Seems I will not be having Blain here this week, since his dad and Kelli found out that I let him use his Xbox while grounded, so he is going to Jessica’s place. Yesterday I was feeling betrayed this was because I felt that Kelli shouldn’t had been snooping around the bedroom and she could had said something to me instead of telling his dad, also I was accused of encouraging Blain to lie to his dad and yeah I get that it seemed that way. I did tell Blain not to volunteer the information about using the Xbox, I did say don’t lie if asked but if not asked don’t say anything.

Also I heard from Jessica that I would not be having Blain not from Jono or Kelli or even Natasha but Jessica, Jessica went on and on about how I can’t be trusted to discipline the child and how I let him do stuff he wasn’t allowed to do. I have always been soft when it comes to discipline this is not new, also Kelli told me that I am not to ask for her help again I assume she means with Blain so I won’t.

So yesterday I was in a right mood, I snapped at Jessica, I snapped at Tim and I felt like I had been punched in the gut, not that I have ever been punched in the gut so really don’t know how that feels but you get my meaning. Kelli said she doesn’t know if Jono will forgive me but you know what if he does he does if he doesn’t he doesn’t, I am not going to tie myself up in knots stressing over it, I can’t change what has happened. It is what it is, was I wrong yeah I was, this I know.

Sometimes we do things we shouldn’t do, but we can’t go back and change anything and what’s the point in holding grudges and stressing over stuff, Jessica said yesterday that I hold grudges, who the hell is she thinking of, being pissed off for an hour or so isn’t holding a grudge, it’s being pissed off for a bit that is all, by the afternoon I was over it and had moved on.


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