55yrs and a lost gift card plus a bit more

Good afternoon all it is Monday afternoon and pretty late in the afternoon at that and I am just getting around to writing a post spent the morning reading a heap of posts but only now getting around to writing one.

I had to take Leo to school this morning then I had to go to the Dept of Housing to hand in the forms applying for Natasha and Blain to live here, then I had to go back to Kmart to return a pair of light weight harem type pants. Yesterday I bought a pair after trying them on but then decided I didn’t want the ones I tried on instead I would get the pinkish ones and of course I didn’t check them I just pick them up the size on the hanger was 14 when I got home I realised they were only a size 12, so I had to go back and exchange them for the right size. I also had to return a Lego set that Jessica had bought for Leo that I already bought at the start of the year for half what she paid for it.

Oh yeah yesterday when I went to pay for my goods at Kmart I discovered that I was missing the $50 gift card Kathy gave me for my birthday, I was somewhat upset, on the Saturday Leo had been playing with my phone and a bunch of cards fell out and I think the Kmart card was amongst them. I rang my mum and her and Dawson went and searched the area Leo said they fell out as well as around the house and Dawson even checked the rubbish bin but no luck couldn’t find it. Jessica said she would replace it but at the time I was somewhat upset, I was lucky I had other money to pay for the stuff with.

On Saturday we had a party for my parents 55th Wedding Anniversary at their house so they didn’t have to worry about driving anywhere and mum could have a few drinks, I was up at 6.30am cooking and took over most of the food. My brother also prepared some food his awesome chicken and his fettuccine dish.

There was a good turn out pretty much all that were invited turned up except for my mothers brothers and their families and none of my sister Sue’s children were able to make it, but all in all it was a good day and mum and dad were surprised which is what I wanted. I of course did all the planning for the day and thus I was happy that it all turned out ok.

Thankfully Saturday was a nice day weather wise after Friday which was in the mid 40’s Saturday’s nice 23°c was just that nice. No rain either although around 2pm it started to get a bit cold but that was ok by then people were leaving and mum and dad could go inside and chill.

I want to get the Christmas decoration out and start decorating the house, wanted to do it today but didn’t get around to it so hopefully tomorrow I will do it, I also have to go through my stock pile of presents and see what I have.


2 thoughts on “55yrs and a lost gift card plus a bit more

  1. I hate when I grab a garment trusting the hanger and it turns out that it was a misplaced item. Happy anniversary to your parents! That’s great 55 years, it gives us with less than 10 years hope for the future. Enjoy (or tolerate, depending on your position) decorating for Christmas.

    1. I love Christmas so I will be enjoying decorating, yeah my parents have a pretty good marriage they don’t fight, they bicker at times though. I find the only time something is on the wrong hanger is the one time I don’t check it

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